Polls Apart: Brexit

It is front page news in the UK every single day and there is simply no getting away from Britain's referendum on EU membership. Before the country goes to the polls on June 23 voters have been clamouring to understand the potential impact of the result, hoping to better gauge on which side of the argument they fall.

There has been claim and counter-claim from both sides about how a vote either way will bring down untold devastation or is the only hope for Britain's future. While spurious claims about the threat of war or the complete loss of the British way of life are overblown, there can be no denying that the result of the vote will have an impact not just in the UK and Europe, but across the world.

As one of the global centres for finance and commerce, the City of London is anticipating the consequences of the referendum more than most. A vote to leave could threaten its position as the pre-eminent European financial centre or might see it emerge even stronger, unburdened by regulations that counterparts in places like New York and Singapore don't have to deal with. Similarly, a vote to stay could see a positive boom once the uncertainty of its future is put to bed or see the City engulfed by the quagmire that is the ongoing soap opera of the Eurozone.

So, in the run-up to the vote, we are running a series of polls looking at what the impact of the result could be on the legal market, both in London and worldwide. We're keen to hear what our readers think, and so invite you to have your say.