Women Leaders 2023 is now live for the following regions:

  • North America and the Caribbean

All other regions will be published in the coming months. Please use the below links to navigate to see Women Leaders divided by region:






IFLR1000 Women Leaders is an elite ranking category reserved for the most prominent women lawyers across the world working in the areas of law IFLR1000 researches. This is an exclusive group of lawyers with outstanding reputations within their markets who either have expertise and experience of working on complex deals and/or have risen to hold leadership roles with their firms or their practices.  


To be ranked a Women Leader, lawyers must have an outstanding transactional reputation for consistently leading complex, novel or innovative deals. Lawyers may also hold high status within their market for their leadership abilities. 

Lawyers must be working in the areas of financial and corporate transactions or regulation, or in contract, licensing or regulatory work related to project development to be eligible for this rating category. 

IFLR1000 uses evidence submitted on research forms, client feedback and peer feedback as the primary resource for Women Leaders research. Transactions are assessed over a minimum two-year period.  

Research Methodology 

IFLR1000's research teams in Hong Kong, London, New York and Sofia collectively analyse thousands of research submissions, conduct thousands of interviews with law firm partners, and survey tens of thousands of clients to determine IFLR1000's Women Leaders. 

Each year Women Leaders uses the previous submission cycle's data for the research. Women Leaders 2023 will be based primarily on submissions made in 2022.   

How to Participate 

The best way to participate in the Women Leaders research is through the annual IFLR1000 research cycle. Firms can nominate lawyers on the IFLR1000 research form and should include ideally three pieces of deal evidence and ideally five referees for each individual they nominate. Individual lawyers can also nominate themselves by taking our Lawyer Survey.  

Research Timetable

Research for Women Leaders occurs alongside the global IFLR1000 research, beginning in February. We will be publishing research by regions according to the following dates:


  • North America and the Caribbean: July 12th
  • Latin America: September


  • Southeast and Eastern Asia: July
  • Southern Asia and Australasia: October
  • Central Asia: October


  • Western Europe: September
  • CEE: September
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: October
  • MENA: October



If you have questions about the research process, please contact Danielle Ngwana-Joseph

If you would like to discuss how we can help you promote you or your firm's achievements, please contact Emily Kyriacou: emily.kyriacou@delinian.com