TGS Baltic, the leading law firm in the Baltic States, has started the year stronger than ever, with an addition of two new Partners, Dr. Lauras Butkevičius, expert of Competition Law, and Aurimas Pauliukevičius, M&A professional.

“Our team is rapidly expanding. Presently, we have 25 partners managing TSG Baltic in the Baltic States. We are ready to entrust our young and talented colleagues with more duties and responsibilities. Both Lauras and Aurimas are highly qualified specialists in their respective fields of law. They are proficient, take a customer-focused approach and stay up to date on the latest news and releases in their areas of competence, thus, creating more value for their customers than it is usually expected from local lawyers. Such wonderful partners obligate us to provide only premium quality services,” – says Vilius Bernatonis, Managing Partner at TGS Baltic.

Dr. Lauras Butkevičius is an attorney-at-law with many years of experience under his belt. He specializes in Competition Law and is well known in the legal industry of the Baltics. Lauras deals with various issues concerning supervision of concentrations and representation of clients during investigations and at lawsuits regarding arrangements that restrict competition and abuse of dominating position. He also provides consulting services on all issues related to Competition Law. Lauras worked for such leading companies in the Baltics as MAXIMA, UAB and EUROAPOTHECA, UAB as well as many other international and local enterprises. L. Butkevicius has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University for many years and has written a number of scientific and practical articles on various topics related to Competition Law. Lauras also lectures at training seminars and is a frequent participant of conferences and public discussions on Competition Law and politics.

Aurimas Pauliukevičius joined TGS Baltic in 2005 having graduated from the University of Brussels. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions and has been helping companies to successfully complete the mergers of various scopes and complexity for over 13 years. Within the last several years, Aurimas was chosen as the legal consultant for such projects as acquisition of the shares of Audimas, AB, primary offering of the shares of Novaturas, AB, acquisition of the shares of Freor LT, UAB and sale of the shares of EMP Recycling, UAB. He also has a lot of experience in consulting international and local companies on supervision of concentrations.

Presently, the Lithuanian Branch of TGS Baltic is managed by 14 partners.

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