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Solicitors governing body: Local bar associations

Competition authority: Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competición y de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual

Financial regulator: Superintendencia de Banca & Seguros 

IFLR1000 ranking categories in this jurisdiction: 

Banking and finance, Capital markets, M&A, Project development, Project finance

Jurisdiction overview

Peru’s legal system is based on civil law. The constitution of 1993 is the supreme law of the land.

Those who wish to practice law in Peru must obtain a five-year degree, join a Bar Association, and register with Superior Court of Lima and the Asemblea Nacional of Rectores. 

In Peru, local lawyers can both partner with foreign lawyers, employ foreign lawyers and be employed by foreign lawyers or firms.

Lawyers who have degrees from Argentina, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, the Holy See, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay or Venezuela have their degrees recognised. Lawyers who have their degree from other countries can have it validated by a recognised university and then must join a bar.

Financial and corporate
Arbe Abogados

Arbe Abogados is active in banking, capital markets, M&A and project development.

In banking, the firm advised the arranger and agent on the credit facility granted to Shougang Hierro Peru. 

On the capital markets side, the firm advised Adcap Securities Peru Sociedad Agente de Bolsa on debt securities issuances.

The M&A team was active in the banking, fishery, energy and real estate sectors, but the transactional details are confidential. 

In project development, the firm advised Ositran on its contract for the Metro Line 2 in Lima.

Significant clients include Los Portales, W Capital Sociedad Administradora de Fondos de Inversion, Ecosolar Holding and Gepeho.

Barrios & Fuentes

Barrios & Fuentes is strong in M&A.

In M&A, the firm advised La Fiduciaria on the acquisition of Quicorp by InRetail.

Significant client include Viru, Lotus Flower Holding and Limones Piuranos and Une Asesores.

Casahierro Abogados

Casahierro Abogados is active in corporate and M&A.

In one highlight deal, the firm advised Zuauto on a new corporate structure.

Over the research period, the firm hired senior lawyers Mariela Arévalo Oropeza and Deisy Castañeda Roldán from Montenera Abogados & Consultores.

Key clients include La Llave, Luxiona Peru, Topsa Peru and Josfel Iluminacion.

De Bracamonte Haaker Castellares Abogados

De Bracamonte Haaker Castellares Abogados is active in banking and capital markets.

In banking, the firm advised Alese on a mid-term loan from Banco de Crédito del Peru.

On the capital markets side, the firm advised Diviso Bolsa Sociedad Agente de Bolsa on the private securitisation of assets of Electrovía.

Significant clients include Global Financial Inclusion Fund, Banco GNB, Agricola Riachuelo and Edpyme GMG Servicios Peru.

Client feedback

“I have been working with this law firm for more than five years. The knowledge in financial matters is impressive and its advice is very proactive and complete. I’ve been working with one of the partners, Christian Castellares, and he is very skilled in financial negotiations.” - Project finance 

“It's an excellent law firm. They have a deep knowledge of the applicable law and always have a great solution to solve any problem.” - Banking 

DLA Piper Perú

DLA Piper Pizarro Botto Escobar is strong in banking and capital markets.

In banking, the firm advised Inter-American Investment Corporation on a secured loan.

In capital markets, the firm advised Perlu LNG on the international issuance of bonds.

Significant clients include Interbank, DEG, Itaú Corpbanca New York Branch and Santander Consumo Peru.

Estudio Echecopar member firm of Baker McKenzie International

Estudio Echecopar is a leader in project finance and capital markets and also maintains strong banking and M&A practices.   

While many of the firm’s banking deals involve financings for the development of projects, the firm has also worked on refinancings, acquisition financings and financings for general corporate purposes.  

The firm’s project finance transactional highlights are predominantly advising borrowers, but it also advises lenders. 

The capital markets team has primarily advised clients on the issue of bonds and notes but has also worked on asset-backed bonds, commercial papers and equity offerings 

One prominent M&A deal saw the firm advise Inversiones Nacionales de Turismo on the $218 million acquisition of 99.97% of the outstanding shares of Inversiones La Rioja. 

Projects work for the firm has been in a range of sectors including energy, transport, mining and healthcare.  

The firm advises the likes of Ergon Perú, BNP Paribas, and Scotiabank.  

Client feedback

“Very flexible and very robust advice.” - Regulatory 

“Very good service, knowledge and technical skills.” - Project finance

“Commercial practical approach to issues. In-depth knowledge of laws and regulations related to the mining sector. Understanding of banks’/lenders’ legal requirements in credit documents. Great bench of senior and junior partner to staff transactions.” - Banking

“Estudio Echecopar has an excellent team that covers almost all of our legal assistance needs in several regulatory and transactional matters. One of their main strengths is the level of expertise and knowledge of the market and current trends on sophisticated legal matters." - Project finance

Alonso Miranda


"Alonso is an excellent attorney. He provides solid legal advice and has a complete knowledge of how our business works and its needs. Creativity for providing useful legal advice is one of his strengths."

Juan Carlos de los Heros

“Excellent industry knowledge and in promptly meeting customer needs.”

“He is our legal counsel in Peru. Always working with us. Very good at helping us a lot with our clients. Very good legal skills.”

Estudio Muñiz - Muñiz Olaya Meléndez Castro Ono & Herrera Abogados

Estudio Muñiz - Muñiz Olaya Meléndez Castro Ono & Herrera Abogados is a strong M&A firm. In addition, the firm also has a strong banking practice.

In one highlight M&A deal, the firm advised Arca Continental on the merger of its beverage business with the beverage business of The Coca Cola Company in southern USA.

Significant clients include Inmobiliaria Jufer, Siucho Group, San Miguel and China Three Gorges Corporation.

Estudio Olaechea

Estudio Olaechea has a strong project development practice, particularly when it comes to mining deals.  

Most of the firm’s project development deals take place within the mining sector, but the firm has provided advice to Ferrovía Transcontinental Brasil – Peru on a train project which would connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through Brazil and Peru. 

The firm’s banking team advises a mix of borrowers and lenders on a range of matters including a loan facility, stock pledge agreement and implementing an international payment chain.  

Capital markets deals include work on REITs (real estate investment funds) and other regulatory work related to the capital markets.  

The M&A team worked on joint ventures and acquisitions in a range of sectors, but the mining sector was particularly active. 

The firm advises the likes of High Power Exploration, Bank of America, and BlackRock.  

Client feedback

“Excellent and permanent communication and has great knowledge about the [relevant] matters.” - Capital markets 

“Good in advise, but too problematic in communications. It is almost impossible to use the phone to talk without receiving an invoice.” - M&A

Martin Serkovic

"Very good communicator and knowledgeable of the issues that are under his responsibility."



Garrigues Peru has a robust financing practice and is a leader when it comes to project finance and capital markets deals. The firm is also strong in M&A, banking and project development transactions. 

Project finance deals have been in a range of sectors including energy, healthcare, mining and transport and involve advising both lenders and borrowers. In addition to its work on project financings, the banking team has also been busy on refinancings and acquisition financings.  

The firm frequently works on large debt issues in the international capital markets. Notable deals included a high yield bond offer and the financing of the Miraflores Parking Concession through the capital markets. 

The M&A team frequently works on high-value deals. One deal saw the firm advise Andino Investment Holding on the sale of Cosmos Agencia Marítima to DP World.  

In project development, the firm also works in a range of sectors and often advises clients on PPPs and EPCs. 

The firm moves up in the rankings for project finance, M&A and project development.  

The firm hired project finance senior associate Diego Harman from Clifford & Chance’s New York office.  

The firm advises the likes of JP Morgan, Metro de Lima Línea 2, and Banco de Crédito del Perú.  

Client feedback

“Excellent team with diverse expertise in corporate issues. Relevant experience in complex transactions. Good understanding of the commercial aspects of the transactions.” - M&A

“Garrigues is a very responsible and professional law firm. They are always looking for the best for their clients.” - Banking, Project finance

“In-depth knowledge of the infrastructure/PPP sector in Peru combined with great expertise in corporate and project finance. Good interaction with local authorities.” - Project finance, Project development 

“Last year we worked with Garrigues Peru throughout a very challenging M&A transaction. Sergio Amiel, Hector Zegarra and the rest of their team were extremely professional throughout the entire process. In particular, they provided very helpful advice during the contract closing negotiation phase which ended with a very positive outcome for our side. Due to the pleasant experience, we continued using their services for the refinancing of the company’s debt which required an enormous legal effort spanning various countries and jurisdictions where the firm effectively used their LatAm network. Up until today, we trust their legal advice in any matter concerning the transaction and would definitely consider using their services in future transactions.” - Banking, M&A

“Top tier law firm in the country. Very knowledgeable and proactive to resolve problems that arise. Slow to admit and correct incorrect advice given.” Banking, capital markets

“Very good knowledge of and experience in M&A, and a very good disposition of time.”- M&A

“Very knowledgeable and highly responsive. Always providing key insights and excellent understanding of business (non-legal) issues.” - M&A, Project finance

“High caliber and well known transactional specialists. Promptly responds to queries. Impeccable final works. Always reachable.” - Financial and corporate 

“The lawyers are extraordinary and creative, they offer a personalised and world class service solving any problem that comes up. It would be very difficult to find any weakness.” - Capital markets

“The Garrigues team provided timely and expert advice and counsel during all phases of the transaction: e.g., transaction structuring and potential tax implications, advice and counsel regarding terms of the purchase agreement viewed from a local law perspective, advice and counsel during live negotiations, and full assistance with corporate filings (including corporate reorganisations) in Peru made necessary by the structure of the transaction. Strengths include solid and timely advice, round-the-clock availability, team-mentality/attitude and a great partnership.” - M&A

“Garrigues' team assigned to our project did excellent work. We were extremely pleased with their level of expertise on the type of 144A/Reg S financing we were undertaking. Their team was extremely responsive and diligent in completing the transaction under a very tight timeline. They offered creative solutions when we encountered roadblocks, and their dialogue with opposing counsel in Peru and ability to bridge gaps with opposing counsel helped get the deal across the finish line.” - Capital markets

“Overall, Garrigues (Peru) provides an excellent service to its clients. They have a very good and professional team in their office in Peru. Their knowledge is deep and very valuable, both on corporate finance matters and industry specifics. Furthermore, they're very committed to clients and their concerns (time management, time response, etc.)" - Banking

“The law firm's work is of an excellent quality, characterised by its quality without compromising the level of depth/detail and ability to provide results under tight deadlines, qualities which are highly valued in the project finance industry. We've seen the firm incorporate lawyers with international project finance experience.” - Project finance

“[Strengths include] knowledge, [ability to] compromise, proactivity and efficiency.” - Banking, Project finance 

Thomas Thorndike

 “Thomas is very professional.” 

“Very knowledgeable and highly responsive. Always providing key insights and excellent understanding of business (non-legal) issues.”

“Thomas is an excellent lawyer with relevant international experience and expertise in different aspects of corporate matters, from M&A to project finance and financial regulation.”

Oscar Arrus

“Superior, proactive and thorough.”

“Always available. Has a lot of experience which allows to avoid needless negotiations with other counterparties.”

“Very good knowledge of M&A and corporate finance. Always in disposition to be with the client.”

“Excellent, outstanding.”

 “Oscar is a more senior lawyer, but was able to make our transaction a priority and stayed involved to the extent we needed his expertise.  He was able to involve other attorneys in the transaction to keep the bills manageable and the responsiveness level high.  Oscar is clearly a subject matter expert that I would recommend to anyone.” 

Sergio Amiel

“Sergio Amiel is one of the best lawyers in M&A. Working closely together with him, he offered extensive support through the due diligence phase raising crucial red flags and being proactive in resolving them. Throughout the closing phase, he flawlessly adapted the legal framework to our needs resulting in a solid contract for our party. I would recommend him and his team for any M&A transaction.”

Jorge Fuentes

“Committed, great negotiator, efficient, knowledgeable.”

Diego Harman

"Excellent quality of work. Committed, innovative thinking.”

“Diego is a well-prepared lawyer that understand his clients very well. Our experience with him has been impeccable.”

“Diego has clearly done many bond offerings of this type, both as local Peruvian counsel and during his time at US firms as international counsel. Because of his expertise on both sides, he is able to accurately predict the course of the transactions and spot potential issues with enough time to fully and completely resolve them. He is adaptable and is able to take any challenges that arise in stride. He never brought me a problem or challenge without a fully thought-through solution already in mind. He worked long hours with a pleasant demeanor and was always extremely professional. His English language skills are excellent, and generally, he is a clear and concise communicator.”

“Diego is an excellent and dedicated lawyer. He has a strong academic background, good work experience (both local and international), and deep knowledge of the financial environment in Peru. Very responsible and committed to his transactions and to developing commercial relationships with his clients.”

“Diego has an excellent understanding of the contractual structures of complex project financings that we've worked with in past opportunities. He works under tight deadlines and is proactive in providing answers to our teams.”

"Very good, energetic, knowledgeable, experienced and has very good communication skills to explain complicated matters in a simple manner.”

Jose Francisco Meier

"Senior partner at Garrigues and excellent advisor. Tremendous experience, calm demeanor, fantastic with negotiations."

Héctor Zegarra

“We also had the chance to work together with Héctor Zegarra. He is very experienced in the M&A field and constantly offered solutions tailored to our needs. During the due diligence process he was particularly helpful due to his accessibility and ability to meet tight deadlines.”

Hernández & Cía

Hernández & Cía is a strong projects and mining firm that is also active on banking, M&A and capital markets deals. 

The banking team advises both borrowers and lenders on refinancings, debt restructurings and project finance matters.  

Capital markets work included bond placements, share offers and a public investment fund shares deregistration.  

One M&A deal saw the firm help the Central American Subway franchise holder in the acquisition of the Subway business in Peru.  

The firm has a robust mining clientele and has advised on concessions, acquisitions and other matters related to mining projects. 

The team is also active on projects related to the transmission and generation of energy. One deal saw the firm advise a client on the development of a transmission line. 

The firm advises the likes of Sealed Air Corporation, The Vanguard International Group, and Natixis.  

Client feedback

“Hernández & Cía Abogados has proven to be very reliable. They have understood the difficult situation of the company and have made great efforts to provide the best support. The company is facing serious challenges mainly generated by accusations of misconduct of already retired executives in relation to corruption. A new board was elected in 2017, and Hernández & Cía was requested to help us sort the many problematic situations in which the company was being involved. Hernández & Cía has dedicated many hours to helping us and has proven to be very dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, and has put all their resources to help us.” - Regulatory 

“Excellent and timely performance in all aspects of our association. Sound advice, delivered so that normal people can understand the concepts and principles of the assignments. Multilingual practice. Difficult at times to get queries answered about the content and quantum of invoicing.” - M&A, Project development 

Lazo De Romaña & Gagliuffi Abogados

Lazo De Romaña & CMB Abogados is a strong capital markets and M&A firm.

In one highlight capital markets deal, the firm advised the banks on Petróleos del Perú’s $2 billion international bond issue.

In M&A, the firm represented Synlab Diagnosticos Globales on the acquisition of Medlab Cantella Colichón.

The firm broke into tier 2 of the capital markets rankings this year.

Significant clients are Banco GNB Sudameris, BD Capital, BBVA Continental Netline, Codelpa Latam and Fresenius Medical Care del Perú.

Client feedback

"We are very pleased with our relationship with the firm.  They have an in depth understanding of the business we conduct and fulfilled our expectations as clients, knowing the products we wanted to structure and managing any possible risks involved during the structuring process. They are also informed and constantly in touch with regulatory agencies, and they make sure that the services provided to us are also aligned with Peruvian laws and regulations. They also have a wide array of clients in the financial sector and know the necessities and requirements of our own clients and possible investors.” – Investment funds

Miranda & Amado

Miranda & Amado is a leading banking, capital markets and M&A firm. Many of its deals are within the energy and infrastructure sectors. 

The firm’s banking team advises a mix of borrowers and lenders and its recent deals tend to focus on refinancings and project finance.  

In capital markets, the firm advises a mix of issuers and underwriters on notes and bond issues.  

The firm also has a robust M&A team, which works in a range of sectors and on various deal types, but has worked on quite a few asset acquisitions over the research period. One deal saw the firm help Primax acquire 442 petrol stations. 

The firm advises the likes of Citibank, Intercorp Financial Services and Talma 

Payet Rey Cauvi Pérez Abogados

Payet Rey Cauvi Pérez Abogados is a leading firm for M&A, banking and capital markets.  

The firm’s banking team advised clients on refinancings, project finance and financings for working capital. 

The firm’s capital market team advised both issuers and underwriters on bonds and notes issues.  

The firm maintains a robust M&A practice. One deal saw the firm advise InRetail Perú Corp in the $583 million acquisition of Quicorp. In one notable deal, the firm advised Enfoca on a private equity secondary transaction. In this transaction, the funds Enfoca manged were recapitalised into a new investment fund. 

The firm also has an active mining practice where it advises clients on acquisitions, financings, regulatory issues and other matters related to mining projects.  

The firm hired Giovanna García as counsel for the banking and finance practice.  

The firm moves up in the mining rankings this research period.  

The firm advises the likes of Banco de Crédito del Perú and Credicorp. 

Client feedback

“Excellent firm. Highly sophisticated. Very responsive.” - Banking

“The firm has a highly specialised team for corporate finance and M&A with vast experience in corporate lending, bond issuing and M&A. José Antonio Payet is well known for his keen advice in this (and other) areas. He is well respected and having him by your side is reassuring.” - Banking, M&A

“Deep knowledge of the local legal system and practices. Very approachable.” - Banking 

“It's an excellent all around legal firm. Our first point of contact for any legal issue. Their main strengths are knowledge of the government agencies we deal with and sound advice related to all aspects of our concession contract. Also, they provide personalised service. Whenever we call, we feel they take interest as if they were in-house legal advisors.” - Project development 

“Reputable full-service capital markets offering, encompassing debt and securitisation practices. Impressive capabilities enable the team to represent financial institutions (such as legal analysis, risk management, ties with regulatory institutions, etc.)" - Capital markets

“It is the best law firm in some areas such as securities, corporate and competition.” - Capital markets 

“High knowledge in areas where they are. Highly prepared team of lawyers. In finance, probably they should be strengthened, hiring more senior lawyers.” - Banking, M&A 

José Antonio Payet

“Excellent lawyer with vast experience in legal matters concerning corporate law and M&A.”

“Excellent work.”

Susan Castillo

“Excellent. Best lawyer I have worked with.”

Juan José Cauvi

“Partner in charge of our account. Very knowledgeable of our business and our company.”

Juan Antonio Egüez

"Also delivers very good work."

Rocío Gordillo

"Excellent young corporate lawyer."

Gerardo Soto

“Very high knowledge in regulatory issues. Very good performance regulatory and corporate.”

Eduardo Vega

“Brilliant lawyer for capital markets work.”


Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría is particularly known for its project finance and project development practice but the firm is also active on financing and M&A deals. 

The energy and infrastructure sector are active sectors for the banking practice. Although many of the firm’s banking deals are also project finance deals, others involve financing for general corporate purposes and refinancings 

The firm’s capital markets team works on bond issues, investment funds and securitisations.  

In one M&A deal the firm advised Staedtler in its acquisition of a 75% stake in Artesco. 

Sector range is vast for the projects practice and includes roads, metros and aviation. Deals include the financing to expand the Lima Metro. 

The firm moves up a tier in the project finance rankings this research period.  

The firm advises the likes of WSP Global, APM Terminals Callao, and Deutsche Bank. 

Client feedback

“Thorough knowledge and experience in all the issues which PPU has assist us with during all these years. Fully committed team with our needs and providing proactive suggestions to solve the many challenges we face in our business.” - Project development 

“Practical experience on PPP based infrastructure projects.” - Project development 

“PPU renders an extraordinary service, with profound analysis, yet at the same time, a high level of quick response." - Project finance 

“The strength lies in its senior lawyers and international network. It weaknesses in its response time.” - Corporate restructuring 

Max Carneiro

“Experience and knowledge in PPP and the local regulatory legislation. Fully committed to our needs and proactive in solving challenges pertaining to our concession contract. Excellent negotiation skills.”

Ronald Fernández-Dávila

“Proven experience in PPP law practice.”

Miguel Ronceros

“Miguel’s work is outstanding. I worked with him when I was general counsel at a bank and have since maintained him as one of my main legal advisors. His negotiation skills, profound analysis and high level of response are key for his professional success. He has also formed a very reliable team behind him who altogether grant an excellent service. They have impressive experience in the banking and finance area.”

Rafael Puiggros

"Strength: experience in M&A deals. Weakness: Timeliness of response.”

Mariana Simoes

“PPU’s lawyer Mariana Simoes has also shown her practical expertise on PPP based infrastructure projects, with proven knowledge of local and regional markets.”

Rebaza Alcázar & De Las Casas

Rebaza Alcázar & De Las Casas has a leading M&A and strong finance and projects practices. 

Many of the firm’s banking and finance deals are either project finance deals or deals in the energy and infrastructure sectors. The firm has also worked on financings for the acquisition of projects and refinancings 

In capital markets, the firm has advised on bond issues, investment funds and asset-backed securities.  

The firm’s robust M&A team works in a range of sectors on high value deals. One deal saw the firm advise Glencore International on the acquisition of a controlling stake in Volcan Compañia Minera 

The firm has also been active in the project development space. Deals include advising clients on submitting bids to develop infrastructure and advising Proinversion on awarding the concession for the Amazonian Waterway. 

Client feedback

“[Strengths include] personal dedication of their lawyers and their support staff.” - Banking

“The firm has a unique expertise in Peru in resolving complex legal situations. Partners are helpful and have a deep understanding of what an international financial institution needs.” - Project finance and development 

“In depth knowledge of the banking industry, including the regulatory framework.” - Banking

Rafael Alcázar

“Strengths: High knowledge and legal management skills. Weakness: lack of time.”

“Experienced and knowledgeable. Has network with regulator and other important participants in the banking industry.”

Juan José Cárdenas

“He is always available to discuss any matter.”

“Juan José is a very skilled lawyer who can negotiate complex clauses achieving an outcome that seems to leave every party satisfied.”

Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados

Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados is a top firm when it comes to banking, capital markets, M&A and projects deals. 

Recent banking transactions tended to either involve refinancings or project financings, and the firm advises both borrowers and lenders.   

The project finance and development teams have worked in the mining, transport and energy transmission sectors among others.  

The firm’s capital markets team has advised clients on cancelling registrations on the Lima Stock Exchange, debt issues, and the IPO of Nexa Resources. 

In M&A, the firm advises on asset and share acquisitions. One deal saw the firm advise Quicorp on its sale of Mifarma, FASA and BTL to InRetail 

The firm advises the likes of I Squared Capital, BBVA Banco Continental and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.  

Client feedback

“Really responsive, creative and pro-business.” - Banking

“Very good law firm, comprehensive service and very good connections. Good combination of academic, conceptual, practical and experience.” - Banking, M&A 

“Really strong project finance powerhouse.” - Project finance 

Rosselló Abogados

Rosselló Abogados is a strong project development firm, particularly active in the social infrastructure, transport and telecommunications sectors.

In one highlight project development deal, the firm advised Poma on its acquisition of 75% of ICCGSA’s shares from Telecabinas Kuelap Project to build the first teleferic in the jungle in Peru.

Key clients include Consorcio Hidrovías II.

Rubio Leguia Normand

Rubio Leguia Normand is an active firm in the market. 

The firm’s financing team has advised lenders and borrowers on corporate and project finance deals. 

In capital markets, the firm advised clients on the issue of debt and worked with investment funds. 

The M&A team was active on the acquisition and sale of projects and assets.  

Project development has been a busy area for the firm where it advises clients on bids and concession contracts for highways, transmission lines and other sectors. One deal saw the firm advise Graña y Montero on a bid for a concession to provide drinkable water.  

The firm hired Eliana Pelaez Robles as a senior associate in finance and M&A over the research period. 

The firm advises the likes of Credicorp, OHL Concesiones Peru, and Terna Group. 

Client feedback

“Strong team. Client oriented.” - Project finance and development 

Santivañez Abogados

Santivañez Abogados is active in M&A and project development.

In M&A, the firm advised I Squared Capital on acquisition of five companies in Peru.

In project development, the firm advised HidroeléctricaMaraño on the acquisition and construction of an 18.6 MW hydroelectric plant.

Over the research period, the firm saw the departure of partner Walther Balaunde.

Key clients include Abengoa, Grupo Lamosa and State Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment.

Client feedback

“Excellent client relations and services.” – Project development

“The firm is quite solid in energy law related work and is able to provide support not only on legal matters, but also on commercial related issues.” - Project development