IFLR1000 Reviews

Financial and corporate

Arias is a leading transactional firm locally and has advised on loans and acquisitions over the research period.

Most banking deals involved advice to the lenders. The M&A deals included both sell side and buy side roles and saw some notable deals in the the food and healthcare sectors.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Cooke Seafood Panama acquisition of Seajoy Seafood

•                      Owens & Minor $710 million acquisition of Halyard Health's surgical and infection prevention business

•                      VisionFund Honduras OPDF financing


BLP is an active firm for both financial and corporate (including bank loans and acquisitions) and project development matters.

Recent work saw a notable borrower side loan and buy side roles on acquisition.

The firm’s projects team tends to work on matters related to renewable energy projects and has helped developers expand the capacity of renewable energy projects and obtain environmental licenses for the projects recently.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Facey Group $190 million financing

•                      Owens & Minor $710 million acquisition of Halyard Health's surgical and infection prevention business

Client feedback

“Highly recommended. They are responsible.” – Financial services regulatory

“Great guide to successfully obtaining a permit and advanced knowledge and contacts throughout the energy sector.” – Project development

“Well known experience in the energy sector. Prompt responses to legal inquiries.” – Project development

Bufete Rosa & Asociados

Bufete Rosa & Asociados is an active financial and corporate firm.

The firm primarily advised issuers on bond issues, stock issues and capital increases over the research period. Banrural Honduras was an active client that was involved on many of the firm’s reported transactions.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Banrural Honduras $20 million share issue

•                      Banrural Honduras $23 million share issue

•                      Banrural Honduras $50 million bond issue

Consortium Legal

Consortium Legal is a leading firm which advises on financings (advising borrowers and lenders) and M&A.

All work reported this research period was confidential, though key matters involved real estate and insurance.

García & Bodán

García & Bodán has made a name for itself in recent years by working on some of the most important financing matters in the market.

Transactional matters this research period were confidential but included buy side roles on acquisitions and lender side roles on financings. The energy sector was particularly active.

Aguilar Castillo Love

Aguilar Castillo Love is active on financing in Honduras, particularly for energy projects.

During the research period the firm worked on project finance deals for borrowers and on several deals where it advised the buyers on the Honduras aspects of global acquisitions.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Jilamito 14.81MW hydropower plant

•                      Nucor acquisition of Aceros Alfa

•                      Platanares 35MW geothermal power plant

Client feedback

“Great corporate advice provided by the law firm.” – Banking

“I have been continuously impressed with the high quality of all the lawyers who work on our account.  They have shown themselves to be very mature, responsible, and professional.  I am most impressed by the swift and well-written communication from each of them.  Along with the positive results, this generates a lot of confidence in their abilities to get the work done.” – M&A

“The firm is quite detailed at the time of giving the advice, is always pending to give timely follow-up to legal cases.” – M&A

Central Law Honduras

Central Law is an active firm generally that was involved in a notable M&A deal on the buy side recently. The firm has also advised clients on regulatory matters related to licences and corporate structure.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Energizer $2 billion acquisition of Spectrum Brands' battery and lighting business

Dentons Muñoz Zacapa

Gustavo Zacapa & Asociados is an active corporate firm, though all recent matters were confidential.


ECIJA was formerly known as Casco-Fortin Cruz and was a part of regional Central American firm Expertis, but over the research period Expertis merged with ECIJA.

The firm saw some of its most notable recent matters in the project developing space. For example, the firm advised a client as structuring trustee for a PPP of a governmental civic centre and advised a client on developing a hydropower plant. 

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Governmental Civic Center PPP

Gutiérrez Falla & Asociados

Gutiérrez Falla & Asociados has been active on a range of matters this research period and is active within the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Recent work includes a lender side roles on syndicated loans and helping a client with potential investments in Honduras.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•                      Palmerola New International Airport

Client feedback

“Excellent communication skills and accurate legal advice.” – Project development

“Outstanding customer service. They do not need hand holding through the process, as they are more than competent and capable of moving things along while keeping me informed. Very knowledgeable about Honduran laws and regulations and also about certain U.S. laws such as FCPA.” – Project development


Lexincorp is an active banking and finance firm. The firm advised borrowers and lenders over the research period and was active in the banking and financial services sectors. 

Recent Deal Data highlights 

•Banco Lafise $15 million financing  

Client feedback 

“Excellent service and legal advice on the local regulations, requirements and tax considerations.” – Project development