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ŠunjkaLawPartners is experienced in advising creditors on cross border restructuring and insolvency mandates and has been active in this capacity during the research period. It also advised a foreign client on acquiring shares in a shipyard company. 

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•Tehnobeton insolvency 

Client feedback

"We are very satisfied with their work and services. They give direct and constructive advice. They are well prepared and thinks with us for possible solutions. They are accurate and flexible in their actions." – Banking 

"Strengths: Business perspective of the law." – Capital markets: structured finance and securitisation

"Experts, quick, courteous, humane and understanding of our needs and business." – M&A

"Very competent." – M&A

"They are very competent in the health sector in Serbia and are aware of the specific issues in the industry. They can offer very good solution in finance and maintenance of business." – M&A

"Top tier, very professional and punctual law office with vast understanding of law and business in general. Immediate or very quick feedback with written follow-up. Mr. Šunjka himself is a very experienced lawyer with great business intelligence." – M&A

"Very professional personnel with strong hands on experience." – M&A

"The firm is fast. All of the lawyer are experts and precise, have legal knowledge and understand our needs and the business." – M&A

"They are efficient with deep knowledge of local regulations and practice areas. They are also skilled to work with international investors" – M&A

"We are completely satisfied with the firm's efforts, attention to detail and innovative idea. They let us know having the entire scope of legal options, allowing us to make an informed decision." – M&A

"They are reliable, well-structured and focused on major business aspects. They offer suitable solutions in difficult negotiations and is able to arrange deals under very difficult circumstances. Probably one of the best law firms in Serbia." – Project development

"They have several very practical law specialists able to engage in most complicated law issues."  - Project development

"We find ŠunjkaLaw to be highly professional, knowledgeable and resourceful in solving all the problems that we put in front of them. They are even able to provide us with guidelines to solve problems which lay outside of their field of work." – Project development  

"Reputable and competent in all areas of law." – Project development

"Very professional, fast, accurate, always available (outside of official working hours) and proactive in finding best solution for our company. Also, better prices compared to other law offices." – Project development

"I was positively impressed by their proactivity and speed of work." – Project development

"They have a high level of knowledge. They are extremely professional, experienced, objective, consistent, and trustworthy, and their conclusions are based on serious approach and research" – Project development

"Good, determined and responsive firm. A pleasure working with them." – Restructuring and insolvency

"An absolute delight to work with senior partner Tomislav Šunjka - one of the most able and creative international lawyers in his community with a clear understanding of common law principles and a hugely engaging personality." – Restructuring and insolvency

Ivan Štrbac

"He has a very professional approach to problem solving, and he is reliable, accurate and always available for consultations."

"Very professional, warm and a hard working person. Provides much wider info than we ask for, which is very rare these days."

Tomislav Šunjka

"He is very well versed in business and legal matters. He understands international circumstances and applies them in Serbia and in his work."

"He is the founder and super experienced lawyer." 

"Tomislav Šunjka is great at what he does. He knows how to handle work and can translate local environment knowledge to international clients. He knows what needs to be done legally to translate to international clients for better understanding."

"He is concise and explains what is possible and what not while providing solutions."

"I think that the whole company's values are inherited from Tomislav's own personal values - professional, punctual, serious and business oriented with a high motivation to help his client. Whenever you work with Tomislav, you will feel that you're on the top of his priority list, and he will never keep you waiting for anything."

"Resputable, competent and accurate at work."

"Responsive, serious and agreeable to work with."

"Very professional, educated, accessible and dedicated."

"Outstanding professional."

"He was very helpful and we are glad we started collaborating with his office. He is proactive and finds solutions and options for clients in a very unique and fast manner."

"Immense experience, great knowledge, innovative solutions, good assessment powers, useful advice, extensive field of expertise and excellent performance at every task."

"I am very pleased that I have the support of Mr. Tomislav Šunjka."

"He has a strong professional approach. This is reflected in the entire services he and his team provide."

"He is a very experienced lawyer with a great and rare to find sense of business intelligence. Quick thinking, very professional, great communication skills."

Velibor Repaja

"Strong knowledge of the subject and very professional person."

"Velibor is always accessible, meticulous and an expert in law."

"Very professional, prompt feedback, punctual and precise."