Kromann Reumert


Sundkrogsgade 5
2100 Copenhagen Ø

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Quick facts:

Number of partners: 65
Number of other fee earners: 300
Languages: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Dutch, English, Faroese, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, the Scandinavian Languages, Thai, Turkish, Urdu
Network memberships: Lex Mundi, IBA

Kromann Reumert is the leading law firm in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London. We employ a team of 500 dedicated people, who work together to provide quality services for our clients. Currently, our employees include around 300 fee earners covering a long list of practice areas. The vast majority of Kromann Reumert’s attorneys are qualified Danish attorneys, but we also have attorneys qualified to practice in other jurisdictions. Our foreign-qualified attorneys practice under the legal titles conferred by their home jurisdictions, as indicated by our attorney profiles.

It is by far the strongest law firm in the country.”

It has excellent individuals and always has very high quality.”

They score very high on accuracy of legal work, promptness of reply and accessibility of legal work.”

"Kromann Reumert are my first choice. The lawyers are all good."

"[The firm is] really good on regulatory."

"Typically they are our go-to Danish counsel for anything, but particularly banking, restructuring or corporate."

"They have a strong reputation in renewables. They know their local market and also the international market. They also know the finance parties like PensionDanmark or other funds in Denmark and also know these people. I think they have a broad base in Denmark and I think it goes wider than that on the renewable transactions we’ve worked with them on."