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Managing Partner: João Vieira de Almeida
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Number of partners: 52
Number of fee earners: +300
Number of Counsel: 4
Languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish

With over 40 years of experience, Vieira de Almeida (VdA) is an international law firm noted for top-quality legal advice and cutting-edge innovation. A profound business know-how coupled with a highly specialised cross-sector legal practice enable the firm to effectively meet the increasingly complex challenges faced by clients. VdA offers robust solutions based on consistent standards of excellence, ethics and professionalism, and is acknowledged as a leading provider of legal services by the most reputed professional organisations, international publications and research institutions. VdA has consistently and consecutively received the industry’s most prestigious awards and nominations.

Through the VdA Legal Partners network, clients have access to 12 jurisdictions, with a broad sectoral coverage in all Portuguese-speaking and several French-speaking African countries, as well as Timor-Leste.
Angola – Cabo Verde – Cameroon – Chad – Congo – Democratic Republic of the Congo – Equatorial Guinea – Gabon – Mozambique – Portugal – Sao Tome and Principe – Timor-Leste

VdA Legal Partners consolidates VdA’s international footprint, bringing together all the lawyers and independent law firms affiliated with VdA for the provision of integrated legal services in Lusophone and Francophone Africa, as well as Timor-Leste. The firm has a unique blend of exceptional technical expertise, a commercial mindset and in-depth knowledge across industries and local markets. Each mandate is tenaciously handled by multidisciplinary teams comprised of subject-matter specialists and local practitioners. Lawyers at VdA work as a team regardless of their physical location: enthusiastic client service is part of their DNA, wherever the client may be. The firm’s international reach is further enhanced through a set of working relationships with some of the most reputed law firms in Europe, America - particularly Brazil - Asia and Africa.


With an extensive experience in Angola, our lawyers have led the most high-profile operations and projects of the last decades, particularly in the oil & gas, mining, banking & finance and the telecommunications sectors. The exclusive Angolan member of VdA Legal Partners, Luanda-based ASP Advogados is comprised of notable local lawyers, deeply familiarized with the Angolan market, drawing upon the talents and skills of over 280 VdA attorneys across jurisdictions and several international offices. Clients’ most demanding and multifaceted needs in Angola are met by a highly specialised and fully dedicated cross-sector legal practices. For further information, please visit: www.aspadvogados.co.ao 

At VdA, our lawyers have assisted with diversified projects and operations in Cabo Verde, particularly in the telecommunications, banking & finance, energy, and tourism sectors, further standing out for their extensive work in legislative production as part of the great legal reforms undertaken in recent years. Our local partner, SSA Advogados is the exclusive member of VdA Legal Partners in Cape Verde. Led by Sulima Santos, this young and dynamic team has a deep knowledge of the local market. As part of the VdA Legal Partners network, which gathers more than 300 lawyers with international experience, SSA Advogados aims to establish itself as a leading firm in the Cape Verdean legal market, particularly in the Financial, Energy, Infrastructures, Telecommunications and Tourism sectors. For further information, please contact: caboverde@vdalegalpartners.com

VdA has a team of French-speaking lawyers who have supported several investors in Cameroon. Our local partner, Core Africa Lawyers, is a renowned law firm in the Cameroonian market, with international recognition in OHADA Law, as well as in the oil & gas practice and Project Finance. For further information, please visit: cameroon@vdalegalpartners.com

We have a proven track record of supporting our clients across francophone Africa, assisting several projects and clients in Chad. VdA’s French-speaking lawyers team up with our local partner, Cabinet BASSOUNDA & Partners, a law firm of reference in the Chadian market, internationally recognised as an expert in OHADA Law, as well as in tax, employment & benefits, finance and litigation matters. Our expertise in all the relevant sectors coupled with the understanding of the local market and its intricacies enables us to provide clients with a seamless service on the largest and most innovative transactions across the country. For further information, please contact: chad@vdalegalpartners.com

Our team of French-speaking lawyers have a large experience in advising major investors operating in Congo, particularly in the oil & gas sector and in connection with tax matters. We work with an association of two highly reputed local partners: Pointe-Noire based Sutter & Pearce, with extensive experience in the oil & gas field and in contentious and non-contentious tax matters and Cabinet Mathias Esserek, regarded for its breadth of experience in contentious matters, notably litigation before the courts of the country. For further information, please contact: congo@vdalegalpartners.com

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Our lawyers are highly experienced practitioners in the DRC, notably within the mining, oil & gas and public works’ sectors, often representing clients in direct negotiations with the government and in public tenders, namely in the context of rail and road infrastructures. VdA’s breadth and in-depth expertise empower agile solutions to our clients’ most demanding and multifaceted needs, notably in tax, environment and corporate law related matters.

Our local partner in the DRC is MBM-CONSEIL, a reference law firm with offices in the capital Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kolwezi. The firm is one of the largest and longest-established law practices in the country, highly ranked by the leading international directories It routinely provides legal advice to international investors and clients with expertise that encompasses all areas of business law but with a focus on natural resources, transportation and tax. For further information, please contact: drc@vdalegalpartners.com

Equatorial Guinea
Our VdA lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the Equato-Guinean market, regularly assisting major investors in the country, chiefly in the oil & gas sector and in contentious matters involving ligation. VdA Legal lawyers have extensive cross-sector experience namely in the infrastructure, transport, banking & finance and energy sectors, as well as in national and international arbitration.
For further information, please contact: equatorialguinea@vdalegalpartners.com

Our team of French-speaking lawyers’ track record in advising major investors in Gabon, particularly in the oil & gas and mining sectors, both in contentious and non-contentious work, is enhanced by our local partnership with the Gabonese law firm Cabinet JOB, a reference in the country and one that enjoys international recognition. For further information, please contact: gabon@vdalegalpartners.com

GDA Advogados, is the exclusive member of VdA Legal Partners in Mozambique. Combining a dynamic and multifaceted team with international background with a deep understanding of the local Mozambican market, GDA Advogados is particularly focused on the energy, infrastructure and the banking & finance sectors, drawing upon the accumulated know-how of over 300+ VdA Legal Partners’ lawyers worldwide. For further information, please visit: www.gdaadvogados.com

Sao Tome and Principe
With an extensive experience in São Tomé and Principe, our lawyers have consistently supported major international investors in recent years, notably in the oil & gas, banking & finance and tourism sectors. Our local partner, VNA Advogados, is a highly reputed law firm with a young, dynamic team with in-depth knowledge of the local situation, offering specialized, close and practical assistance to our clients. For further information, please visit: www.vnaadvogados.com

With an extensive experience in Timor-Leste, and a bespoke combination of relationships, skills and experience in all relevant sectors - notably in telecommunications, banking & finance, infrastructure and oil&gas matters, our teams in Timor-Leste have also often been involved in extensive work regarding legislative production as part of the legal reforms undertaken in the country over recent years. For further information, please contact: timorleste@vdalegalpartners.com 

A legal powerhouse, full of top-notch professionals that encompass all areas of law, with international presence and experience. They don’t hesitate to place all those resources at your disposal whenever necessary.” – Restructuring and insolvency 

Excellent client service culture and knowledge of local legal developments.” – Capital markets

Very responsive, professional not just from a legal prospective, can also provide strategic advice to its client.” – M&A

High level of knowhow, team work, professionalism.” – Capital markets

"VdA is the top choice in the Portuguese legal market"

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