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Financial and corporate

Tsvetkova Bebov Komarevski has a strong banking and finance team that has expertise in capital markets transactions. Well-versed in debt capital markets deals, the firm advises leading energy clients on bond issues. In lending transactions, it typically acts for the borrowers. Banks look to the firm for advice on regulatory matters under Bulgarian and European law.

In M&A the firm acts as Bulgarian counsel on cross border transactions. During the research period it picked up notable sell side transaction in the media sector.

In the project development area the firm is active in the electricity sector, often advising its clients on electricity supply agreements. The firm also advises clients on public procurement matters in oil and gas and transport sector projects.

Recent Deal Data highlights

•Advance Media Group €185 million acquisition of Nova Broadcasting

•Compass Euroselect mutual fund

•Energo-Pro €250 million 4.5% bond issue

•Falcom Io acquisition of Komfo

•Vivacom €400 million refinancing  

Client feedback

“We are more than happy working with Mr. Bebov, Mr. Grozdanov and other persons from their team. It is easy to communicate with each of the TBK team.” - Banking

“The firm's analysis was extremely thorough and timely; they were readily available to answer follow-up questions and provide drafting suggestions on a document drafted by ourselves.” - Banking

“The firm is very responsive. They give practical advice and they are very close to the government and aware of what has been going on in the market.” - Banking

“Educated staff with deep knowledge. Business oriented way of thinking and finding solutions that perfectly match the applicable regulations with client needs. Excellent understanding of the financial terms, good market practices, financial instruments and financial slang. No need to explain much to them as they speak banker's language.” - Banking

“Extremely helpful and responsive. Very professional and puts a very high emphasis on customer service. Very impressed with the overall service and looking forward to our continued working relationship.” - M&A

“Excellent, pro-active local support, particularly on escrow documentation and deal closing. 

Very good knowledge of the market, very high professionalism, knowledge of languages, high reliability and availability.” - M&A

“Very good knowledge of the country, very high legal competence, reliability, availability and knowledge of languages.” - M&A

“Very competent in all aspects, including Escrow account documentation. Highly professional.” -M&A

“TBK provided extremely professional legal advice. They demonstrated deep understanding not only on the legal matters concerned but on the needs of the business too. Their support has always been results-oriented, timely, comprehensive and based on a thorough analysis of all legal aspects at hand.” - M&A

“Good knowledge of the market, good regional and international network and understanding of the EU law and potential local implications.” - Project development

“Qualified lawyers in different areas. Sometimes they are quite slow, but in general, the level of service is good.” - Project development

Dimitar Grozdanov

“Extremely helpful and responsive. Very professional and puts a very high emphasis on customer service. Very impressed with the overall service and looking forward to our continued working relationship.”

Irina Tsvetkova

“Very good reliability, very serious approach, high legal competence and very good knowledge of languages.”

Mariana Velichkova

“Good professional with expertise in real estate.”

Nikolay Bebov

“Mr. Bebov is an impressive person. Working with him is easy, beneficial and meaningful. He is reliable, collaborative and has in-depth knowledge of our activity.”

“Nikolay is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the Bulgarian legal system, as well as financial regulation in general; he is thorough, approachable and driven. Proactively seeking business opportunities, he has been continuously providing updates on issues he knows are of interest to our firm.”


Venelin Dimitrov

“Very good.”

“Good knowledge of the market, good regional and international network, understanding of the EU law and excellent abilities to asses legal environment and connect it to business needs.”


“Mr. Dimitrov is an excellent professional and a highly intelligent lawyer. He possesses very good communication skills, logical and analytical thinking and is a good problem solver. Mr.Dimitrov is very concentrated and highly experienced in overcoming  professional challenges and difficulties. A real pleasure and honour to work with.”

Nikolay Bebov and Petar Ivanov

“No weaknesses. They are very prompt and handled the issues under a very short deadline.”