Simont Braun


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Financial and corporate

Domestic Belgian Simont Braun is an independent business law firm based in Brussels.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has strong expertise in the banking and financial services sectors, as well as in corporate and M&A work.

The firm advises on banking supervisory law and financial services regulation for financial institutions mostly, including in relation to FinTech.

In M&A there are more commercial entities present in the firm’s client roster and it is often involved in real estate related transactions.


Key clients

Key clients include Aion Bank, Ebury Partners UK Ltd, Wise, NewB, Belgian Mobile ID, Akulaku, Viva Wallet, Société Générale Group ABN AMRO Private Banking, Oney, The European Commission, TapTap Send, Zalando, Cofidis, Buy Way Personal Finance, EPBF, Atlantic Money, Nium and eToro are among the firm’s key clients.


Research period review: 33rd edition (2023/2024)

The firm was active in financial services regulatory and M&A work in this research cycle.

In financial services regulatory the firm advised a diverse set of banking clients on regulatory and compliance matters, as well as relevant contractual work connected with technology and telecommunications.

The firm’s corporate and M&A work included advising various family groups of shareholders based in Belgium on a host of corporate and governance issues. The firm also worked on several cross-border acquisitions on both the buy and sell side, with the target company typically based in Belgium.

During the research period partner Tome Swinnen joined the firm from EY Law.


Deal highlights: 33rd edition (2023/2024)

Belgian Ministry of Finance regulatory restructuring

NewB bank and insurance project


Client feedback: 33rd edition (2023/2024)



"Professionalism, accurate feedback, prompt answers, attractive fees policy."


Financial services regulatory          

"Hands-on approach, tailor-made law advice, highly diverse and comprehensive approach, practical legal advice adapted to the public/readers of the memos provided."

"We mostly work with the fin reg team of Simont Braun, led by Philippe de Prez. The team is very knowledgeable with highly specialised expertise, approachable, have a great work attitude and on-the-ball mentality and they offer reasonable rates.

"Good local regulatory knowledge. A very easy company to work with in the development and implementation of strategy and presentation for the regulatory authorities."



"Negotiations and contract creation."

"Practical/hands-on approach and trying to get things done, taking into account the client's interest."


Private equity

“Responsiveness and very good market knowledge."


Steven Callens           

"Communications, efficiency, professional network, colleagues."


Philippe De Prez        

"Professionalism, prompt and clear answers, deep knowledge of the banking legal framework in Belgium."

"Responsive, deep knowledge of fintech industry and financial regulatory laws and regulations, fluent in French, English and Dutch, very friendly and does not show stress."

"Good communication skills, ability to understand our company situation and translate that into relevant regulatory applications. Good knowledge of local regulatory environments.

"Coordinator, team player, pragmatic."


 Esra Güler    

"Practical solutions, easy to comprehend memos, facility of interpretation, practical solutions, redacting skills."


Tom Swinnen

"Very hands-on and gets things done."


Thomas Derval          

"Hard worker, comprehensive and pragmatic counsel, orientated towards practical implementation and risk-based approach."