Popovici Niţu Stoica & Asociaţii


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Financial and corporate

Established in 1995, Popovici Niţu Stoica & Asociaţii is a full-service firm with an office in Bucharest.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has a track-record advising local and foreign clients in almost all areas of the financial and corporate law as well as in project development and litigation. In addition to that, it has an established practice of advising investment funds.

In banking and finance the firm is active on behalf of borrowers and lenders on loan facilities, credit facilities, restructuring and project finance, and it provides legal assistance in financial services regulatory matters related to the establishing of entities and obtaining licences.

In investment funds it advises funds on various regulatory such as remuneration policies, obtaining licences, compliance, and share decrease regimes.

In corporate and M&A the firm is experienced in advising acquirers and sellers on acquisitions, sales, and mergers in various industries.

In project development the firm assists developers and contractors on contracts, tenders, public procurement, and on the overall implementation of projects in sectors including IT and healthcare.


Key clients

Among its clients are Orange, Ameropa Grains, Ameropa, Oresa, Paval Holding, Duraziv Group, Via-Trend, Augsburg International, Hexagon Group, Verdino Green Foods, ContentSpeed, Mobexpert Group, Redport Capital, ERES & Mercury Development, Incom-Vranco, AnsaldoNucleare and Kalpataru Power Transmission.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2022/2023)     

During the research cycle the firm was active in all areas of corporate law.

In banking and finance the firm advised lenders and borrowers on direct financing, financing extension, acquisition financing, and lease contracts.

In capital markets it was most active in assisting the issuer on secondary offerings of shares and a potential IPO and potential listing on AERO secondary market.

In corporate and M&A it has a prolific record in advising mostly acquirers but also sellers on acquisitions and a buyout. It also assisted shareholders with various corporate structure and strategy requests. The clients list consists of companies in a broad range of industries, including technology and telecommunications, agriculture, consumer goods and services, construction and materials, food and beverage, real estate and industrials and manufacturing.

In project development the firm advised sponsors and project developers on renewable energy acquisition. A special focus of their work this year was assisting clients in bidding for public procurement projects and making appeals.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2022/2023)

Ameropa acquisition of 30% share stake in Promat Comimpex

Ameropa Grains acquisition of Miroși/Căldăraru agricultural base

Autonet Group Holding €15 million acquisition of controlling stake of Augsburg International  

Enel electricity supply contract

ERES & Mercury Development €10 million acquisition of Astra Romana Refinery

Incom-Vranco/ Euro Conf Industrial merger

Orange Group €500 million acquisition of Telekom Romania communications

Oresa €17.5 million acquisition of Via-Trend

Saint-Gobain €35 million acquisition of Duraziv


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2022/2023)


"They clearly brought to the table their M&A experience, which is rarely found in Romania as M&As are not so frequent, especially in the software business that we are in."

"The services provided by them were at the highest professional level and far beyond our expectations.

There were many categories of legal services provided, all aimed at representation in relation to potential investors."


Silviu Stoica  

"Very good negotiating skills. He probably got us out of at least two or three difficult situations."