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8001 Zurich

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Quick facts:

Number of partners: 30
Number of other fee earners: >100
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish
Network memberships: Lex Mundi, International Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association, Zurich Bar Association, Geneva Bar Association, AIJA

Christoph G. Lang

Members of the Executive Committee
Severin Roelli

Christophe Emonet

Florian Mohs

Christian Leuenberger

Pestalozzi is an independent multicultural and multilingual Swiss law firm founded in 1911, focusing on Swiss commercial law and international work. It is one of the country’s most established law firms, with 27 partners and some 70 other fee earners in Zurich and Geneva. 

Pestalozzi lawyers are capable of handling complex transactions and are team players within interdisciplinary project groups. The firm is part of the Lex Mundi international network and can draw on an extensive international network of lawyers in other jurisdictions, with whom they work seamlessly in multi-jurisdictional matters. 

Pestalozzi predominantly represents and advises enterprises as well as associations, public institutions, foundations, and private individuals in economic and legal affairs with a connection to Switzerland. About half of the clients are located in Switzerland while the other half is located all over the world and includes top-ranked enterprises, as well as medium-sized and smaller companies from a broad range of sectors.


"We were extremely happy with the support provided. The Banking Team at Pestalozzi provided accurate and detailed feedback in a timely manner. Our attention was drawn to very interesting points which we had not fully considered." - Banking (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Excellent legal support. Feedbacks provided in a timely manner and showing a great dedication as well as comprehension of the industry and the issues of the case." – Banking (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Extremely good quality of legal support provided in a timely manner. The firm provided comprehensible feedback and concise solutions." – Banking (IFLR1000 – 2020) 

"Very efficient and pro-active advice and support, always available for questions and guidance." – Banking (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"They are client-oriented and highly qualified professionals who answer a client's queries in a timely manner. They have competitive rates and accurate system of billing." – Capital markets: debt (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Each time I work with Pestalozzi, it is a very productive and comfortable cooperation. They have great experience in all areas of law and business and are able to advise on the most complex deals. Solutions they find are creative and bright. They are very time efficient, extremely good at drafting and negotiations." – Capital markets: debt (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Very satisfied. They go beyond the required legal counsel to partnership and coaching." – Capital markets: structured finance and securitisation (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"The lawyers are very professional, competent, thorough and diligent. They are customer-oriented, understand time urgency and always deliver with the highest quality." – M&A (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Throughout the transaction, Pestalozzi provided first class advice and support." – M&A (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"The individuals we cooperated with were prudent and made themselves available at any time necessary. Their replies were always prompt and their approach extremely professional. They maintain a warm relationship with the client and at the same time manage to firmly represent client's interest while communicating with the opposite side." – M&A (IFLR1000 – 2020)

Christian Leuenberger

"Excellent work ethics and responsiveness. More understanding of the industry sector would make Christian even more effective." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Christian is very good at coordinating and leading the project and has very good legal skills as well." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

Franz Schubiger

"His work is always of the highest quality and I very much appreciate his expertise, competence and friendly & professional approach." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"He was prudent and made himself available at any time necessary. His replies were always prompt and he was extremely professional." (IFLR1000 – 2020) 

Ludivine Boisard

"She is professional, responsive and great at finding creative solutions to challenging issues. It is very comfortable to work with her." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

Oliver Widmer

"Highly professional expert in Swiss law and always ready to provide timely advice." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Oliver is an excellent lawyer, both on a personal and professional level. His knowledge of our industry is excellent and it is a pleasure to work with him and his team. I appreciate, in particular, his accurate and clear statements, explained in a comprehensible manner." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Extremely competent lawyer in the field of banking, with a great know-how even in very technical and complicated matters." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

"Oliver is a highly competent lawyer in the field of banking law with a great knowledge in technical and complex matters. His feedbacks are provided in a clear and comprehensible manner. He is also detail oriented." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

Sébastien Roy

"Sébastien was the principal reason that we decided to use Pestalozzi on this transaction, and we were not disappointed. He was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process, and we truly valued his excellent advice. We would have no hesitation in using Pestalozzi again." (IFLR1000 – 2020)

Urs Kloeti

"I am very impressed by his subject matter expertise and his practical and efficient advice." (IFLR1000 – 2020)


"Excellent know-how and industry sector knowledge, specialists for every business case, outcome-oriented solutions and one contact person." (IFLR1000 – 2019)

"Client-oriented highly qualified experts, ready to provide timely assistance. Accurate billing, billed time corresponds to the work done, no overcharging." (IFLR1000 – 2019)

"Wide experiences, precise and straight to the point advise and support, efficient and fast, and good value for money." (IFLR1000 – 2019)

"Very high quality providers with deep industry knowledge and experience." (IFLR1000  2019)

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