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Financial and corporate

Miura & Partners was established in 2019 by former Mori Hamada & Matsumoto partner, Ryota Miura. The firm now has 97 lawyers with offices in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hiroshima. Apart from those locations, the firm has launched a strategic alliance with San Francisco-based law firm Yorozu Law Group and rebranded as Miura & Partners (US) in April 2023, and also commenced a business alliance with Indonesian law firm Atama Law and started operations as the M&P Jakarta Office in April 2023.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm is primarily focussed on M&A, joint ventures, finance, and corporate and financial regulation across the technology, blockchain, startup, fintech, big data, medical and healthcare sectors.


Research period review: 33rd edition (2022/2023)

During the research period, the firm was particularly active in the M&A practice, representing domestic and overseas clients in transactions such as public and private acquisitions, privatisation, financial investment, divestment and joint ventures, acting for targets, acquirers and sellers, and joint venture partners in Japan.


Partner Masahiro Terada and counsel Tomohiko Kurata joined the firm’s corporate team from City-Yuwa Partners and TMI Associates respectively.


Deal highlights: 33rd edition (2022/2023)

Sumitomo Mitsui’s ¥79.6 billion investment in SBI strengthening digital collaboration.


Client feedback: 33rd edition (2022/2023)

Capital markets

“They have sophisticated expertise in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and are also knowledgeable in business matters, so that they can provide contextual legal advice. They respond quickly and have excellent documentation skills, even for matters that are not only difficult but also should be dealt with in a short time. We feel that this firm anticipates the client’s requirements and always tries to exceed client’s expectations.”


“Miura & Partners provided timely, accurate and effective responses. Urgent and last-minute tasks were handled diligently and on very tight deadlines. The pricing was very competitive and the work was handled with sensitivity to the commercial realities and cultural sensitivities.”

“They efficiently assisted in selecting legal firms in each country and coordinated/managed legal DDs and closing procedures in multiple countries.”

“Miura & Partners' work is always very efficient and timely. They can quickly and accurately understand the needs of clients and provide practical suggestions and solutions.”

“In our investment project, we received valuable advice not only from a legal perspective, but also from tax, finance and business perspectives.”

“Well-considered advice for transaction scheme, and the firm gave us its advice within a very short period of time.”

“Contract reviewing and drafting and negotiation with counterpart.”

“They try to understand what we are asking and give us prompt feedback.”

“Abundant knowledge and resource.”

“Miura & Partners devoted themselves to overcome very difficult negotiations with the counterparty to win our desirable conditions. As a result, we executed the contract with terms and conditions with which we are satisfied.”

“Strong commitment and responsiveness, which are always essential factors for successful deal closing in M&A. Unlike a big firm, partners played key roles throughout, from legal DD, contract reviews and negotiations. Well-prioritised working style, leading to high cost efficiency.”

“The firm has a lot of experienced lawyers in various fields. The firm assigned the best lawyers for our M&A.”

“Swiftness and abundant experience in the field of M&A.”

“Responsiveness and strong commitment of the senior leadership team, which we believe is a key success factor of M&A deals, as always.”

“It was the first time for us to negotiate with an overseas company. They provided us with easy-to-understand explanations of the risks and benefits of our company's proposal and timely negotiations with the lawyers we were negotiating with.”

“Legal advice on our procedures regarding the latest M&A matter.”

“Resourceful, both internally and with external partners. Good knowledge of various aspect of M&A.”

“Speedy and excellent advice.”

“Fast and professional support with good understanding of our business.”

Project development

“Miura & Partners respond and produce work products in a timely manner and assist us in some emergent legal works. We usually request daily legal consultation and new function evaluation from a legal aspect - Miura & Partners can always answer professionally and are available to solve the problem.”

Haruka Murata

“Ms. Murata's team works well in solving our legal requests in a timely manner, always replies promptly and adapts to different languages.”

“Very quick feedback, cost-efficient work, knowledgeable and considerable advice.”

“Worked on a joint venture project for BPO consulting business for the public sector in Japan.”

“Tries to understand what we are asking and gives us very prompt responses.”

“Very responsive, knowledgeable and dependable.”

“Strong commitment, responsiveness and client-first working practice. Always trying to add value for the client, which generates trust from the client.”

“She has varied experience in cross-border M&A. She was a legal adviser on the acquisition of a company in the US. She led the formation of a legal adviser team, including a local firm, and communication between us.”

“Quick and to-the point response. Punctual. In case of a schedule conflict, always suggests the quickest alternative. Clear and reasonable legal advice. Efficient team-building within law firm. Excellent negotiation skills in M&A and other cross-border transactions. Always in good spirits and comfortable to work with.”

“Responsiveness and strong commitment to client’s values.”

“She is one of the few bright lawyers in Japan who is familiar with US and UK business practices and laws.”

“Very responsive and knowledgeable. Thinking ahead for the client.”

“Fast and professional support with good understanding of our business.”

Haruka Osawa

“Offers sound advice in any case.”

Kentaro Minegishi

“Mr. Minegishi's deep knowledge of capital finance contributed to our project in which we issued the MS warrant and MSCB.”

Ryoichi Inoue

“He, though a Japanese lawyer, is fluent in five foreign languages (English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish). He is a logical thinker and reads local laws and regulations on his own, which makes him very dependable in pointing out errors by local experts.”

Ryota Miura

“Mr. Miura provides legal services quickly and politely in a broad coverage of practice areas, such as corporate matters, litigation and M&A.”