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Financial and corporate

Established in 1999, Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner is full-service Austrian law firm based in Vienna.

Focusses / specialisms

The domestic firm and one of its name partners in particular have an outstanding reputation for all manner of domestic restructuring (both corporate and financial) and insolvency law advice.

Since the firm’s formation it has always had a focus on restructuring or distressed work. In the 20 years since it opened, co-head Markus Fellner’s name has become synonymous with distressed work in the Austrian legal community. He is widely revered as a market leader for advice on all manner of deals where restructuring or insolvency expertise is required.

Fellner’s reputation was in part built working on Austrian restructuring cases which used novel or rare structures for the market, such as convertible loans, subordinated financing bail-ins, debt for equity swaps, participation notes and securitisations.

The firm has strong, long-standing relationships with a number of Austria’s leading banks, which it often represents as creditors on restructuring or insolvency matters, with Fellner the preferred counsel.

The firm does represent debtors too, but conflicts limit the amount of this type of work it does domestically.

The firm’s expertise also sees it called on for insolvency law regulatory advice. It is a member of relevant EU committees and advised Austria’s ministry of finance on the implementation of BRRD (Austria was the first country to implement the EU directive).

The firm also has an experienced public law practice recommended for its expertise in advising on environmental impact assessments. 

Key clients

The firm has advised important companies in Austria, such as Stienhoff group, UniCredit Bank Austria and IKEA.

Research period review: 33rd edition (2023/2024)

During the research period, the firm was active in banking and finance, M&A and project development.

In banking and finance the firm worked on loans and financings for clients in the banking sector.

In M&A the firm worked on acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures for clients in the banking, financial services, real estate, energy, consumer goods and technology sectors.

In project development the firm worked on projects for clients in the public, real estate, transport and consumer goods sectors.

Deal highlights: 33rd edition (2023/2024)

ARVAL Austria acquisition of UniCredit Leasing Fuhrpark management

Feldkirch city tunnel project

Client Feedback: 33rd edition (2023/2024)

Banking and finance

“Clients are always FWP's top priority.”

“Excellent reputation in the market; outstanding experts.”

“Timely delivery of clear and concise memos and materials. Deep and broad legal knowledge complemented by strong tactical negotiation skills.”


Capital markets

“Very good in the area of advanced capital instruments, combining a deep knowledge of financial regulation (capital requirements) and capital market transactions.”



“Great and quick understanding of our needs. Great expertise and very fast response times.”

“Proactive approach, thinking outside of the box for the best interest of the client, proactively anticipating potential issues in the future and proposing ways to mitigate such risks.”


Project development

“Supreme ability to cope with complex infrastructure projects. Perfect skill in communicating with technical and project management staff. Sure-footed insight into and approach to developing issues on the national level.”

“Competent and very fast handling of our request.”


Markus Fellner          

“Markus Fellner is our go-to guy for corporate law.”

“Comprehensive knowledge of Austrian banking and corporate law. Strong negotiation skills. Timely delivery of concise responses even under pressure.”


Michael Hecht

“One of very few lawyers in Austria who can really claim to be infrastructure specialist. Long and excellent track record in railway, energy, road and air infrastructure planning and permit procedures. Perfect communication skills.”

“Fast and competent support in permitting issues in building law.”


Florian Kranebitter

“Excellent knowledge of the industry and its standards, very responsive and practically orientated approach.”

“Great and quick understanding of our needs. Great expertise and very fast response times.”

“I have never had a lawyer that is more proactive and follows the customer's business and industry than Florian Kranebitter. He identifies potential problems independently and often before we as customers have identified the problems.”


Josef Peer     

Sure-footed expert in environmental and infrastructure planning and permit procedures. Perfect knowledge of the sector, strong communication talents and a knack for integrating into multi-professional teams already place him among the best reputed of the new generation.”


Gregor Schett

“Out-of-the-box thinker and outstanding expert in banking law.”