Bahas Gramatidis & Partners


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Financial and corporate

Established in 1970, Bahas Gramatidis & Partners is the result of multiple mergers by Greek firmsforming its current state in 2002. 

The firm is based in Athens, with an office in Cyprus lead by named partner, Yanos Gramatidis A member of the world law group, the firm works with associated firms in 38 countries on cross-border deals. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is recognised in particular for its banking and finance and securitisation advice. 


Key clients 

The firm’s client base includes financial institutions such as Attica Bank and Thea Artemis Financial Solutions. 


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

During the research period the firm was active in banking and finance and corporate work. 

Ithe banking and finance area the firm worked on the sale and securitisation of NPL portfolios. It also advised in the financing and leasing of aircrafts. 

In corporate work the firm assisted mining companies on joint ventures. 


Client feedback: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

Project Development  

“They work hard, fast in an efficient and effective way. Communication with them is fluent, clear and fast. They are always at our disposal offering us always the best solutions.” 

“The firm has a communicative relationship with clients. They are very quick to get the work done and provide great business solutions.” 


Yanos Gramatidis 

“Is a good listener and problem solver. Has always practical solutions at hand and can implement and adjust the working process instantly.” 

“Very easy to work with and provides pragmatic solutions to problems.” 

“Mr. Gramatidis has very good contacts and facilitates first hand information on program improvements. Very effective in the application process. Have a specific department for escrow account handling. A key factor for us is that the case processing department is available 24/7 and reacts at given time without delay.” 

“Mr. Gramatidis expertise in different fields and issues is amazing which also contributes you to feel from the very beginning that you really can rely on him.” 


Maria Tranoudi 

“She has excellent communication skills, they are always answering immediately to every request and meeting deadlines. “