Lindsay Goldberg €560 million acquisition of VDM Metals Group

Private acquisition

€ 560 million




  • Lindsay Goldberg Vogel acquired VDM Metals Group for €560 million from its parent company ThyssenKrupp.
  • VDM was the high performance nickel alloy division of German multinational conglomerate ThyssenKrupp.
  • The acquirer is the European arm of the US fund with which it shares its name.
  • A €300 million syndicated working capital facility for VDM was agreed with Deutsche Bank in the course of the sale.  
  • ThyssenKrupp accepted a €100 million write-down on the business in the fee. 
  • ThyssenKrupp acquired VDM from Outokumpu in February 2014.

Ben Naylor - Regional Editor

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