Hellman & Friedman acquisition of Bain Capital's stake in Securitas Direct Verisure Group

Private acquisition




  • Funds managed by Hellman & Friedman has acquired Bain Capital’s interest in Securitas Direct Verisure Group.
  • Hellman & Friedman and Bain jointly acquired Securitas in 2011.
  • Securitas Direct Verisure Group is a European monitored home alarm systems provider headquartered in Sweden.
  • Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Nomura and Nordea Bank have provided the financing for the acquisition. The target also issued notes as part of the financing.

Sam Duke - Editor


United Kingdom

Deal type:

Private acquisition

Practice areas:

Private equity

Industry sector:

Consumer goods and services


Party: Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Initial purchaser)

Party: Barclays (Initial purchaser)

Party: Citigroup (Initial purchaser)

Party: Credit Suisse (Initial purchaser)

Party: Deutsche Bank AG Na ON (Initial purchaser)

Party: Goldman Sachs (Initial purchaser)

Party: HSBC (Initial purchaser)

Party: Morgan Stanley (Initial purchaser)

Party: Nomura (Initial purchaser)

Party: Nordea Bank (Initial purchaser)

Party: Hellman & Friedman (Acquirer)

Lawyer: Toinon Hoss

Party: Bain Capital (Seller)

Party: Hellman & Friedman (Acquirer)

Party: Hellman & Friedman (Acquirer)

Party: Goldman Sachs (Lender)

Party: Morgan Stanley (Lender)

Party: Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Lender)

Party: Nomura (Lender)

Party: Nordea Bank (Lender)