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Financial and corporate
AG Erotocritou

Based in Limassol, AG Erotocritou is a boutique with 15 legal professionals all with US or UK legal experience.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm’s expertise lies in financial sector where it acts for banks and financial services on financing, restructuring and insolvency and acquisitions in Cyprus.  

The firm is also strong in multi-jurisdictional restructuring and insolvency cases and acts for both the debtors and creditors.


Key clients

The firm advises multiple international banks on financial regulation in Cyprus, as well as advising the Cyprus Ministry of Finance on licensing matters.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

During the research period the financial and corporate practice worked on transactional financing and M&A. The team also worked on regulatory financial matters, advising clients in the banking and financial services industry. It also worked with debtors on several restructuring matters. Banking and financial services were major industries for the firm.


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  


Asset finance 

"Absolutely professional approach – professional team, perfect knowledge of Cypriot and international law and institutional procedures." 


Banking and finance 

"Extremely responsive; value for money; business oriented." 

"They were interested in helping us immediately despite the engagement being small. " 


Financial restructuring 

"They are an impeccable firm. They are available to assist around the clock, providing support for every stage and at every level. An important and rare characteristic of the team leader is that he is willing to listen and always offers creative, custom and workable solutions. Our group was very impressed, as we felt like we were working with a truly leading firm, at a global level." 


Financial services regulatory 

"The highest professionalism. Brilliant knowledge and understanding of the law. Ability to find creative solutions in difficult situations. Impressively caring attitude towards the client (to be honest, the level of involvement of the company in the client's problem amazed me). " 

"The firm showed a deep knowledge of the legal fields in respect to which the memorandum was prepared. The presentation was simple and understandable, but at the same time the memorandum contained all the necessary legal specifics and the proper style. The document was well structured and formalised. The deadlines were fully met." 

"Extremely responsive, very professional, competent and deep area knowledge of all business laws. They lead by example and have nothing to be jealous of with international law firms." 



"Very responsive and very knowledgeable on their topic. Professional and accessible all the time. Value for money" 

"Thorough, diligent and responsive." 

"Really professional and reliable partners." 


Private equity 

"The team are a group of highly talented and experienced individuals who are always at your disposal to address your needs. The team is very responsive and their advice is always complete and accurate. The senior people are hands-on with the case and always available going the extra mile to best accommodate your needs in a timely manner." 


Project development : Energy 

"Professionalism, real-time attention to the matter, high level of expertise." 


Project development : Transport 

"Very responsive, professional. We have a consistent point of contact we work with, this helps speed up the process every time we come back for consultation since they have a background on our firm already. " 


Project finance 

"They are extremely client-focused and easily approachable, very quick, responsive and proactive." 


Restructuring : Corporate 

"Very responsive. Quality advice. Commercial awareness. Excellent handling." 

"Prompt response, providing comments with examples which enable us to make decisions. The team involved with our project was available for call upon request." 


Alexis Erotocritou 

"I have the highest regard for Alexis. He is a great lawyer. He is very responsive, bright and talented." 

"Responsive. Knowledgeable." 

"Professional approach, quick answers and solutions." 

"Amazing person, very good professional, good communication skills and highly responsive. " 

"He is an intelligent, approachable and extremely responsive lawyer. He makes clients feel safe in his hands, as he will not only go the extra mile for you, but run a marathon if it will help your case. He is never too busy for you and he is always able to offer you solutions no matter the obstacle. I was honestly amazed by his skills and great personality." 

"You can write to him any day and any time and be sure that he will provide a response asap. Alexis always asks to write questions and he will provide the best options to resolve your matter. He is proactive, always meets deadlines and always is on the line to discuss any matters. Alexis has deep law knowledge, is very good at project management, cares about the client and has good communication skills." 

"Attention to detail, brilliant expertise, and finding creative and workable solutions. Real customer care. " 

"Responsive and deep knowledge of subject matter." 

"He is a highly talented and experienced lawyer, who is always at your disposal to address your needs. He is very responsive and his advice is always complete and accurate. He is hands-on with the case and always available, going the extra mile to best accommodate your needs in a timely manner. He has excellent knowledge of the field and is able to safeguard your interests and provide valuable solutions for each case." 

"Personable, professional and trustworthy." 

"Excellent listener, reliable and trustworthy." 

"Knowledgeable and approachable 24 hours." 

"Perfectly suitable for his role as a partner. Very easily approachable, has his clients' best interests at heart, flexible and accommodative, not to mention his deep professional knowledge. " 


Antreas Koualis 

"Business-oriented lawyer with very positive energy." 


AG Paphitis & Co

AG Paphitis & Co is a law and financial consultancy firm with 16 legal professionals based in Limassol.


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm advises in all areas of financial and corporate law, particularly on licensing matters. It often works for clients in the financial services and technology sectors.


Key clients 

Some of the clients of the firm include Central Bank of Cyprus, crypto currency broker Etorro, and investo Haxus.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

Throughout the research period, the financial and corporate team worked on a lot of financial regulatory services deals, especially in the burgeoning cryptocurrency space.

In M&A, the firm represented clients in sales and acquisitions, as well as several re-domiciliations.

The team also worked on several liquidations and restructurings in the restructuring and insolvency practice.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

Nulifar €3 million merger


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


Financial services regulatory 

"Availability, professionalism." 



"Excellent response time, detailed explanations of the process and fair prices. Professional, friendly staff. " 

"Engaging the firm is similar to engaging an international London city law firm. They are extremely fast, very informative, keep us updated on a constant basis, and they deliver results. They act as true legal professionals and their legal fees are normal. In terms of expertise, we have been engaging the firm for more than 10 years now and they have handled all sorts of matters for us, from corporate and commercial, to mergers & acquisitions, IP, tax matters etc. They are true corporate lawyers when it comes to that. " 


Private equity 

"Professional with clear statements." 


Angelos Paphitis 


"Always ready to help." 

"He is the founder of the firm, and the one we have been in contact with ever since. He is a figurehead; he is very knowledgeable, an expert lawyer, and highly efficient. Above all, he seems to be a good leader because he does lead a large team which delivers high quality legal and corporate services. " 


Margarita Sofokleous 

"Very responsive and detailed explanations." 

Antis Triantafyllides & Sons

Established in 1955, Antis Triantafyllides & Sons is a leading Cypriot firm with a team of more than 30 legal professionals based in Nicosia.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm is active across all transactional areas and regularly acts as local counsel on cross-border transactions.

The firm often advises domestic and international banks on lending, debt restructuring and capital markets mandates. In recent years it has also worked on NPL sale transactions.

The firm also advises on M&A, and project development issues.


Key clients 

The firm represents the Astrobank, APS Debt Servicing Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic bank, Renaissance Insurance and VTB.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

Over the research period the financial and corporate team worked on banking, capital markets, M&A and restructuring and insolvency matters.

In the banking practice the firm represented mostly borrowers in project, asset, acquisition and corporate financing, as well as refinancings.

In terms of capital markets work the practice worked on debt and equity matters, representing mostly issuers. On the debt side, the team completed investment grade bond issuances, while on the equity side, the team completed an IPO.

The M&A practice acted for both the buyer and seller side on acquisitions. It also worked on re-domiciliations.

In the restructuring and insolvency practice, the team worked largely on out of court restructurings, where it represented debtors.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

Baimskaya copper project


Sazka Entertainment NYSE IPO


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


Financial restructuring 

"Prompt response, considerable knowledge of the subject." 

"Quality advice, broad experience. Fast response times. Reasonable fees." 


Financial services regulatory 

"Very professional and timely advice and in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations." 


Investment funds : Real estate funds 

"Deep legal knowledge, efficiency, business approach. " 



"Good planning, responding promptly, delivering work within the budget in a highly professional manner." 


Stelios Triantafyllides 

"Immediate response and considerable knowledge." 

"Experienced, solution finder, proactive, business minded, efficient." 

"Quality advice, broad experience. Fast response times. Excellent communication with client." 

"Very knowledgeable and always to the point." 

"All-round knowledge of particular subjects." 

E & G Economides

E&G Economides is a full-service firm located in Limassol and was founded in 2006. The firm also has an office in Moscow.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm is known for its notable work in financial and corporate practice, where it focuses more on corporate transactions, especially in the M&A practice. This includes re-domiciliations, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings.


Key clients 

Key clients for the firm include Fairlakes, Premio Spolka Z Organiczona Odpowiedzialnoscia, Loxac, Juvit, Souxou, Healys Egypt and Calaciaco Holdings.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

Throughout the research period the firm represented numerous companies in mergers and private acquisitions.  It also worked on several restructurings.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

Fairlakes / Polsteam shipping company Cyprus merger

Healys €6.5 million acquisition of the 100% share capital of a Cypriot company

MLU $175 million acquisition of the 100% share capital of Axelcroft


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 



"Fast and effective delivery of their professional services." 


George Economides 

"Quick response and availability."

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Elias Neocleous & Co is one of the largest firms in Cyprus with a team of 12 partners and more than 140 legal professionals. The firm has offices across Cyprus in Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos as well as overseas branches in Brussels, Prague and Kiev.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm has experience across all areas of transactional law, including banking and finance, capital markets, M&A and restructuring and insolvency. It works as local counsel with international firms on international transactions.

In M&A the firm is experienced working for international financial sponsors on cross-border deals.

Banking and real estate are sectors in which the firm is regularly active.


Key clients 

Some of the firm’s clients include the Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank, private equity investor Blackstone, Prodea Investments, Morgan Stanley and multinational CPI Property Group.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

Over the research period the firm worked on a lot of M&A deals, particularly asset acquisitions. The firm also did some capital markets, non-contentious financial services regulatory and banking work.

In banking the team represented borrowers and lenders in corporate financing and refinancing matters. 

Its capital markets work involves both debt and equity such as IPO and senior secured notes.

The M&A practice worked mostly on asset acquisitions. It also worked on strategic investments as well as restructurings.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

Energean $450 million high yield senior secured notes

PeopleCert Wisdom €300 million senior secured notes


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022)


Bank lending : Lender side

"Having the team on a transaction means that the Cyprus law aspects are dealt with in a high-quality, professional manner, on time and successfully. Over the years we have worked closely for various clients and our partnership has strengthened. They are our go-to lawyers for Cyprus. "


Banking and finance

"Responsive, reliable, knowledgeable and friendly to work with. "

"Always a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and good work product."

"They are always prompt in provision of advice."


Financial restructuring

"The firm's service and advice are first class in every area. Their main strengths are their businesslike advice, their attention to client service and specialisation and dedication. Their people are accessible and helpful. They meet deadlines and they keep us informed of progress. They give us practical, constructive advice that solves our problems. They have specialists in all areas so their advice is always excellent. All in all, they are second to none."


Financial services regulatory

"Given the size of our group and complexity of its structure, the ability to handle complex and sophisticated matters is a must for our legal advisers. The firm has great business acumen and understands very well wider the framework and implications of transactions. The team possesses not only excellent and up-to-date legal knowledge, but also understands the business of the client and strives to support the client's business needs. The team also has a very professional attitude when communicating with the regulators and authorities. The firm was responsive and very proactive. The legal advice is detailed and to the point, without unnecessary ballast of irrelevant information."


Investment funds : Private equity funds

"Impressive client roster; talented leadership; commercial and practical approach; good team of lawyers."



"Positive, great understanding of entrepreneurs, multicultural, hard working and reasonable pricing, think for the long-term."

"Professional, responsive, solution-oriented, cooperative."

"Very diligent and great attention to details, perfect service. "


Private equity

"Strong local legal knowledge and government contacts."

"Responsive, highly commercial and cost-effective."


Andreas Christofides

"Knowledgeable, hard-working, trustworthy and practical."


Elena Fantis

"She is highly responsive and very commercial in her approach. She has a deep understanding of her sector. "

"She is highly responsive and very commercial in her approach. She has a deep understanding of her sector. "


Konstantinos Michail

"He is always fast and precise in his advice."


Elias Neocleous

"Attitude and multicultural."

"Professional, experienced, knowledgeable."

"Polished operator, outstanding communicator and a natural leader."


Dimitris Papoutsis

"Very responsive. Good knowledge of M&A and regulation."


Michael Pelosi

"He has strong knowledge, especially on regulatory aspects of Cyprus alternative investment funds, and great ability to understand the complexities and implications of legal steps."


Demetris Roti

"His legal knowledge is excellent, his swift support is fitting of their high-level professional team. He is business-oriented, practical and with plenty of experience in both corporate and banking matters. He is an excellent professional with high legal skills that can zero in on any practical and commercial issue. His practical and business-oriented approach is key to many successfully closed deals. "

"Always happy to help no matter what the deadline. A safe pair of hands and always a pleasure to work with. "

"Always happy to help, even when urgent task arise unexpectedly. Reliable and trusted adviser. 

Harris Kyriakides

Established in 1976, Harris Kyriakides is a full-service firm with offices across Cyprus in Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. It employs 30 lawyers, including 5 partners.


Focusses / specialisms

The firm is active in financing and M&A and is experienced in restructuring work.


Key clients

Some of the firm's clients include the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute and Gordian Holdings, a real estate fund.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

During the research period the firm was active in banking, M&A and restructuring. 

In banking the firm mainly advised lenders in real estate financing. It also generally advised on financing and refinancing transactions.

In M&A the firm broadly advised buyers on real estate, and asset acquisitions. It also worked with investors exiting real estate investments.

In restructuring the firm was particularly active, assisting indebted companies with corporate and financial restructuring.


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


Financial services regulatory 

"Very knowledgeable and concise in their advice." Insolvency 

"The firm are very knowledgeable on both local and international matters, and very competent in their execution and the advice given. They are decisive and confident in their own abilities. They are flexible and adaptable and can work effectively with a relatively large wider legal team, which includes the use of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions. The firm are always attentive and maintain a positive attitude at every challenge, and always compose themselves in a very professional manner." 



"The firm is extremely responsive, fast and efficient. Their quality of service is very professional and very similar to international firms, I would even say high-end international firms. They are well versed in the matters that they are advising on and they understand the important issues very quickly. Overall, they are a magnificent team offering exceptional work that meets even the highest standards. " 


Private equity 

"Knowledgeable and provide business-workable solutions." 


Project development : Energy 

"They take the time to listen and pay attention to the needs of the client." 


Project development : Infrastructure 

"Highly skilled in similar cases and approachable lawyers. " 


Restructuring : Corporate 

"They helped us cover all legal aspects of the restructuring. The firm was immediate in terms of response, accurate and complete in terms of quality and fair in pricing." 

"We are impressed by the diligence, professionalism and responsiveness of the firm. They maintain very high standards and this makes it very easy to cooperate with them. They can quickly jump in to the matter and they have the relevant experience and expertise to provide solutions and suggestions very efficiently. Put simply, it is an excellent firm. " 


Margarita Avraam 

"Always available, ready to assist and provide solutions." 


Michael Kyriakides 

"He is very professional and attentive. He is always polite to his staff and clients, and is well respected. As a lawyer he will go above and beyond to provide the best service to clients. He is very intelligent and can provide good advice, very promptly and confidently. He has the foresight to understand the overall strategy and end goals, and provides appropriate ideas and advice to achieve this. He has excellent command of the English language." 

"He is a top lawyer in every respect: very responsive, fast advice to the point, ability to involve more lawyers if needed, professional, works round the clock if necessary. An exceptional lawyer. " 

"He is a true star. Clients feel very confident when he handles a case with his team. Clients can rest assured that their interests are protected, that work will be done efficiently and within deadlines. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and he is one of the best lawyers in Cyprus. " 

"Very practical, knowledgeable, flexible and a problem solver." 

"1. High standard of knowledge. 2. Provides quality legal advice. 3. Interpreting the law and various regulations. 4. Right approach to the issue." 

"Personal communication, immediate response, has in-depth knowledge of our contracts, particularities etc." 

"Has an in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and regulations and has excellent communication skills." 


Eleni Neoptolemou 

"Responsive, knowledgeable." 

"Knowledgeable, responsive and follows up on pending issues on a timely basis. " 


Ioannides Demetriou

Ioannides Demetriou is a full-service firm with offices in Nicosia and Limassol. The firm employs 19 legal professionals, seven of which are partners. It has international reach through its membership of legal alliances TerraLex, Meritas, LegaLink and Energy Law Group.  


Focusses / specialisms   

The firm is active in banking and finance and M&A. It often advises as local counsel on cross-border deals.  


Key clients   

Some of the firm’s key clients include the Apollo Investment Fund, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Eurobank Cyprus, Eurobank Ergasias, Hellenic Bank, Hellas Direct Insurance and NKS. 


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)   

Within the research period the firm worked on a lot of banking, M&A and restructuring matters. Most of the firm’s banking matters were corporate financing deals. 

The M&A matters that the firm worked on varied from joint ventures to mergers. Insurance and banking and financial services were popular industries for the firm. 

In restructuring the firm represented mostly debtors. 


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Louis €250 million restructuring 

NK Shacolas €80 million restructuring  


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


Bank lending: Borrower side 

"Thorough, up to date." 



"Ioannides Demetriou is one of the best legal offices in Cyprus in banking and financial issues. They are well organized, apply the principle of 'esprit des corps', responding promptly to all our legal queries. They constantly provide us with feedback and advice when relevant legal cases are on-going in court, accompanied with their recommendations about what is the best option for the bank to accept prior to the issuance of the court ruling. I am extremely satisfied with the superiority of their legal services. " 

"Diligent, thorough, knowledgeable." 

"These are prominent legal professionals who provide prompt and thorough litigation services. " 


Banking and finance 

"Legal support during and on signing contracts, support during mortgage agreements." 

"Experienced law firm with devoted legal advisers, polite staff and respectful attorneys, adaptable to new circumstances. This firm is skilled at providing regulatory advice, is well organised with excellent advisers who can supervise and coordinate all of the multidisciplinary efforts of a transaction and provide proposals of substance to their clients. They always go the extra mile and lead with excellence and deliver high-quality work as professionals. " 


Capital markets: Debt 

"High level of professionalism and expertise. They have provided sound legal advice consistently, for many years. " 


Financial services regulatory 

"Client care. Solid professional advice. Expediency." 


Leveraged finance 

"Professionalism. Hard-working advocates. Spot-on details. Very well acquainted with the Cyprus legal system." 



"Very professional, competent and result-oriented firm." 


Private equity 

"Very responsive, excellent knowledge and expertise, very professional." 


Project development: Infrastructure 

"They have an in-depth knowledge of the legal framework of the area and provide excellent and practical legal advice as well as support during negotiations." 


Project finance 

"The firm is characterized by its high level of services and responsiveness. The members of the firm have an incredible depth of experience and intellect and understand our business needs. They provide high-quality practical advice. We especially value the great attention to detail the firm exhibits." 


Andrew Demetriou 

"Responsive, solid advice, accessible, problem-solver." 


Christos Frakalas 

"Professionalism. Legal knowledgeable. Hard-working." 


Katerina Hadjichristofi 

"Client care, solid professional advice, expedient." 


Pambos Ioannides 

"Mr. Pambos Ioannides is a remarkable professional with incredible depth of experience and intellect. He is respected as a trusted adviser at the highest levels of our organization. He is very pragmatic, reliable and precise in his assistance. We value his in-depth knowledge as well as his commercial approach." 

"Confident, cooperative, experienced, hard-working." 


Christina Ioannidou 

"Very intelligent, diligent and client service-oriented." 

"Good listener, smart, professional, excellent knowledge, perfect character." 

"Thorough, knowledgeable, reliable." 

"She is very responsive and professional, has excellent knowledge and expertise and always works to provide solutions rather than problems." 

"Diligent, efficient, thorough, intelligent, dependable." 


Demetris Kronides 

"Positive attitude, fighting spirit, committed to being successful on what is assigned to him. Meticulous during the build-up of a case." 


Savvas Yiordamlis 

"He is a distinguished lawyer with professional acumen and ethos." 

"He is courteous, kind, eager to help promptly, well versed in his legal engagements." 

"He is always available to assist and work under tight deadlines, whilst delivering quality of work. He is always very thorough and works extremely hard and with diligence in achieving the desired result." 

Michael Chambers & Co

Michael Chambers & Co is a full-service firm with an office in Limassol.

Focusses / specialisms 

Being a full-service firm, Michael Chambers & Co has multiple focuses, especially in the financial and corporate practice area. It represents companies in corporate and acquisition financing, as well as refinancings. The firm also works on M&A transactions and restructuring and insolvency matters.

Patrikios Pavlou & Associates

Established in 1963, Patrikios Pavlou & Associates is a full-service firm based in Limassol that employs 32 legal professionals. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is active across the areas of financial and corporate work but is known for advising lenders on banking and financing work.


Key clients 

The firm often advises international banks, all of which are confidential. Another key client is real estate developer LSR Group. A number of its clients are based in Russia. 


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

During the research period, in financial and corporate matters, the firm acted on the lender side in many corporate, project and acquisition financings and refinancings. Apart from transactional financing matters, the team also regularly advises clients on financial regulatory services matters. It also worked on joint ventures, re-domiciliations, acquisitions and merger transactions.


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022)


Banking and finance

"The firm are purely involved in the transaction and are brilliant in quick understanding of all impacts that any commercial decision may have on any part on the general transaction. "

"High awareness, experienced and knowledgeable."


Capital markets : Equity

"Responsive, knowledgeable."


Financial restructuring

"In addition to being (for quite some time now) our preferred go-to firm in Cyprus, Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC are also regularly called upon by the global elite law firms (including US, UK and Europe headquartered law firms) when their clients need market leading Cypriot legal support. The Patrikios Pavlou team time and time again deliver pragmatic, on point, commercial and responsive Cyprus law support and they are solutions orientated.

We consider Patrikios Pavlou to be at the very top of the legal market in Cyprus and they enjoy the necessary depth of resources to deliver sophisticated cross-border projects. Patrikios Pavlou is a clear market frontrunner in the Cyprus legal market and brings extensive experience and unparalleled market knowledge to bear on the complex cross-border transactions and other mandates that they work on and they have the unique ability to provide tailor-made solutions to the most challenging of mandates.

The Patrikios Pavlou team is characterised by its hands on approach and the practical advice they provide. The attention that Patrikios Pavlou gives to each client is unique, as they see each case as being important to that client and not just another case. Patrikios Pavlou is business and solution orientated and place their emphasis on the value they create for their clients. We have a longstanding experience of working with the leading banks, financial institutions, corporates, investment funds and law firms in Cyprus and our experience is that Patrikios Pavlou enjoys a privileged position at the very top of the Cypriot legal market across finance, corporate and dispute resolution/litigation."


Financial services regulatory

"The speed of accurate advice and its delivery was excellent. Flexibility for calls and meetings also excellent."



"Responsive and knowledgeable."

"They provide a highly professional service even when the deadlines are strict."

"Sophistication in law matters that is supplemented by commercially oriented approach. Always able to meet tight deadlines and have the best price-value ratio."


Angeliki Epaminonda

"Her greatest value is the ability to catch any complex issue on short notice and advise on it in the most prompt manner."

"Responsive and knowledgeable."

"She is always friendly and ready to help."


Lia Iordanou Theodoulou

"Lia Iordanou is a force of nature and a stand out star in the Cyprus finance and corporate legal market; and she should rightly be ranked as a top tier lawyer. Lia has been instrumental in propelling the Patrikios Pavlou team to the very top of the finance and corporate legal market in Cyprus. Lia has built up a formidable client following and she rightly holds her place amongst the leading tier of lawyers in the Cyprus finance and corporate legal community. Lia (and her team) act for the biggest names in the market and consistently provide highly attuned legal support and deliver projects in accordance with their clients key objectives. Lia is a market maker and a trusted client adviser and, being ever innovative, commercial and super-responsive, Lia is a counsel of choice for the most sophisticated and demanding cross-border projects. When a project is important and carries time pressure, we know that we can safely rely on Lia to get the project across the finish line. Lia is an absolute dealmaker; and a person who clients call upon when a transaction is of the upmost importance. "


Angelos Onisiforou

"Very good knowledge and perception of the situation and deep elaboration on possible outcomes of our decisions."

"Angelos made himself available even for evening calls and made sure that he had all the facts and understood our case. He then took all the information, studied it and delivered proper advice. "


Soteris Pittas & Co

Soteris Pittas & Co is a boutique based in Limassol that employs 10 lawyers including three consultants. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is broadly active in financial and corporate work and is experienced in banking and M&A transactions. It often advises as local counsel on cross border deals involving Cypriot targets or securities.


Key clients 

Some of the firm’s key clients include Concept, Gazprombank, Genesis, Genotek, Marr and Sistema.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

During the research period the firm worked on a lot of matters involving the real estate, banking and financial services industry. This included work in the banking, M&A and restructuring and insolvency practice areas.

In banking the team represented borrowers in financing matters.

M&A matters included joint ventures, restructurings and acquisitions.

The firm primarily represented creditors in debt restructuring and insolvency matters.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

DTEK $29 million financial restructuring


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


Financial restructuring 

"Very professional, robust litigation lawyers. They want to win and know how to do it. " 



"The firm is one of the market leaders in cross-border disputes and inter alia financial and banking litigation, providing an impressive depth of expertise and quality of work. The main members of the team with which we work are very hard-working, energetic and always available. The team analyses all strategic decisions and legal issues in-depth so as to ensure that the client makes an informed decision and that the interests of the client are advanced in the best way possible." 



"Proactive work in client interests. Excellent legal skills. " 


Soteris Pittas 

"Very proactive and passionate about what they are doing." 

"He is an exceptional litigator and an outstanding tactical mind. His industry knowledge is top tier and he always provides valuable advice." 

C Samir & Co. LLC

Founded in 2011, C Samir & Co is a law and tax consultancy firm. Its Cypriot offices are in Limassol and Nicosia, and it has satellite branches in London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Malta and Kiev. It is part of legal network SILFA (Staubach International Law Firm Alliance). 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm has experience advising on cross border corporate deals.  


Research period review: 30th edition (2019/2020) 

During the research period the firm advised on a cross border merger, advising the buyer. 

Dr K Chrysostomides & Co

With a history extending back to 1981, Dr K Chrysostomides & Co is one of the largest and most prominent law firms in Cyprus. The firm’s offices are in both Nicosia and Limassol.


Focusses / specialisms 

Banking has been a key practice area for the firm ever since its foundation. A sizeable percentage of the firm’s work in the space focuses on financing transactions. Another key focus area is advice to three credit institutions in Cyprus which are carrying out banking business in the country. 

The firm is also active, and similarly strong, in the corporate space, where it offers the full range of services and advice from startup to the completion of incorporation, annual operations, compliance, restructures and dissolutions. 


Key clients 

Some of the firm’s notable clients are East Line Group, Endo International, United Medical, Natixis, Société Générale Bank, Horizon Capital, Veeam Software, VNV Global, Estée Lauder Companies, Venus Minerals and Credit Suisse (Switzerland). 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Banking and finance 

“Helpful, responsive and clear advice. 



“They are responsive, approachable, pragmatic and highly professional. They understand the complexities of executing cross-border transactions and can work seamlessly with other firms as part of a wider international team delivering a project.” 

E Ioannides & Associates

Incorporated in January 2020, E Ioannides & Associates is a Cypriot boutique law firm focused on commercial work. 


Focuses / specialisms  

Within financial and corporate the team’s focus areas have been in M&A and financing transactional work.  

The firm often advises start-ups and has been especially active in the Cypriot real estate, pharmaceuticals and software development sectors. 


Key clients

Key recent clients include bluVerve Maritime Software, Loved by Parents, Joannides + Co,Piraeus Bank, Euroxx Securities, Alpha Bank and Multi-Consult. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 


“Very knowledgeable, competent, efficient with prompt and accurate responses. Commercially aware, confident, and practical advice.”

E Papandreou & Co

E Papandreou & Co is a Cypriot boutique business law firm formed in 2009. The firm’s offices are based in Nicosia.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm handles a variety of corporate matters, with strengths shown in re-domiciliations, cross- border mergers and funds.


Key clients

Key clients include Group DF, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank Cyprus, Ellaktor, Crowe Cyprus, Alrud, Eri Law, Semha Holdings, Staritem Investments, Levex Establishment, Dumont Real Estate Holdings and Grand Dalewest. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Restructuring: Corporate 

“This firm is our preferred law firm due to their many years of experience, efficiency and their excellent quality of work. We consider the client service provided by the firm to be of the highest standard.” 

GC Hadjikyprianou & Associates

G C Hadjikyprianou & Associates is an independent Cypriot boutique commercial law firm. The firm operates offices in both Nicosia and Athens.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm’s financial and corporate support capabilities are extensive. It is often seen on banking, corporate (both general corporate support and M&A) and regulatory engagements.


Key clients

Key clients include European University Cyprus, Pimco Investment Management, Galileo Global Education, Laureate Global Education, Qquant Management, Astro Bank, Seaven Tanker Mangement, Globeducate, American Heart Hospital, Ellinas Group of Companies, SPS Private Securities, Alpha Mega Supermarkets and C.A.Papaellinas.


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Financial services regulatory 

Consistency; knowledge-based pragmatic advice; result-driven. 

Harneys - Aristodemou Loizides Yiolitis

Harneys is an offshore law firm present in Cyprus. The firm was established in 1960.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm’s financial and corporate practice is among the strongest in Cyprus. It is involved in complex, international financings and is often selected by large corporations as local counsel for their high-level acquisitions. The practice also features a pre-eminent investment funds team and a full-service regulatory team. 


Key clients 

The firm’s key clients include TCS Group, Etalon,Goldman Sachs International, JP Morgan Securities, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Citibank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, VTB Capital, ING Bank and Sberbank. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Banking and finance 

“Goal oriented, knowledgeable, responsive and reliable – precisely the kind of partner we were looking for in providing local counsel services in financing matters.” 

“They have provided prompt and excellent service in a clear and punctual manner. They have a very good knowledge of the financing and banking aspects of the transaction.” 


Kaimakliotis is a Cypriot boutique law firm. The firm was formed in 2016.


Focuses / specialisms

The financial and corporate practice has a distinct emphasis on corporate and M&A, joint ventures, corporate restructuring and general corporate advisory.  


Key clients

Key clients include Sberbank, International Capital Ukraine, Ant Financial,, DraftKings, Avax/Terna construction consortium, Novator, Interxion, DCH Group, I Squared Capital, Gazprombank, Alfa Bank Group, Skybound Capital Group, Linklaters, DLA Piper, Morgan Lewis, Baker McKenzie and Avellum. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Banking and finance 

“Very commercial and responsive.Brilliant advocates for client's position.”  



Kaimakliotis are very client-focused, listening carefully to instructions, delivering a very good work product within the deadlines.” 

LC Law Stylianou & Associates

LC Law Stylianou & Associates is a Nicosia based boutique Cypriot law firm.


Focuses / specialisms

The firm is focused on financial and corporate with 80% of its work being in this aera.

Recently the firm has worked on mandates in the banking, capital markets and M&A space.


Client feedback: 31st edition (2020/2021)


"Boutique firm that is flexible and accommodating. Friendly and accessible, swift and decisive, efficient."


Private equity

"Streamlined process, one-stop shop."

Marilou Pavlou Christodoulides

Marilou Pavlou Christodoulides is a full-service premier law firm based in Nicosia.


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is active in Banking and M&A. It often works as local counsel on international deals with international law firms.


Key clients 

Some of the firm’s key clients include the Lycamobile and Rosneft Oil Company.


Research period review: 32nd edition (2021/2022)  

Within the research period, the firm worked on a lot of M&A and corporate restructuring matters.

In M&A the firm was mostly active in joint ventures, private acquisitions and mergers on the buyer side including re-domiciliation and corporate restructuring work. Most of the deals involved clients connected to the investment and financial services industries.


Deal highlights: 32nd edition (2021/2022)

Broadreach $49 million acquisition of Axion Holding Cyprus

Michael Damianos & Co

Michael Damianos & Co is a full-service Cyprus law firm established in 2010 and based in Nicosia. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm’s financial and corporate practice is focused on commercial, corporate, M&A, banking and finance, and energy. Most of the firm’s work comes from referrals from international law firms on which the firm advises as local counsel on international transactions. Also, the firm is frequently instructed by local companies across various sectors on their local banking and corporate/commercial work. 


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Banking and finance 

“Professional, responsive, knowledgeable.” 



“The firm takes a proactive approach and troubleshoots legal problems in a very efficient way.” 

Michael Kyprianou & Co

Established in 1991, Michael Kyprianou & Co is a full-service Cypriot firm with offices in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. It has international branches in Frankfurt, Athens, Thessaloniki, Birkirkara, Dubai, Kiev and London and is part of legal networks including Multilaw, World Link Law, International Fraud Group, Nextlaw Referral network and China Go Abroad. 


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm is active in banking and finance, M&A and restructuring, and is experienced in cross-border financing work as local counsel.  


Key clients 

The firm’s clients include Amber Group, European University Cyprus, Globeducate, Laureate Global Education, Qquant Management, Hellenic Bank, AstroBank, BAO Capital Fund, QCG Capital Fund, Seaven Tanker Management, Cyprus Medical Association, Gnomi Communication, Viva Cards and Cyprus Development Bank.  


Client feedback: 32nd edition (2021/2022) 

Banking and finance 

“Creative thinking, flexible approach, reasonable pricing, meeting tight deadlines.” 



“Very thorough and professional analysis and also recommendations for covering the company for future issues with the law.” 

Pelaghias Christodoulou Vrachas

Established in 1920, full-service firm Pelaghius Christodulou Vrachas has over 100 years of expertise. It maintains one office in Nicosia and is a part of the Globalaw network.


Focusses / specialisms 

The firm’s financial and corporate law is focused on banking, capital markets, M&A and restructuring work. It has experience working on all sides on a transaction. In M&A, the team works with buyers and sellers. Shipping is a popular industry for the firm, but it also regularly advices in numerous other industries.


Key clients 

Key clients for the firm include multinational corporations across numerous industries including shipping, consumer goods and services and retail, to name a few.


Research period review: 31st edition (2020/2021) 

Within the most recent research period, the firm worked on a public M&A transaction, in which the team acted on the buyer and seller side. It also worked on capital markets related matters as part of this deal, specifically a share purchase agreement.