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IFLR1000 India Awards - shortlists published

05 August 2020 by James Wilson

Shortlists for deals, firms, individuals and teams of the year available to view online

News & Analysis

The Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards – A Bird’s Eye View from Mauritius

11 December 2022 by Moorari Gujadhur | Vithil Dabee

Until 1996, the enforcement of arbitral awards in Mauritius was governed by the Mauritian Code de Procédure Civile. This was a rather old-fashioned regime based on French law and adopted in 1808 and had not been amended to cater for the realities of the modern commercial world. In 1996 Mauritius ratified The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, also known as the “New York Convention”.

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Mauritius - Guide to Mauritius Limited Partnerships

11 September 2022 by Moorari Gujadhur | Vithil Dabee

The Limited Partnerships Act 2011 of Mauritius (the “LP Act”) came into force on 15 December 2011 and introduced a new legal entity – the limited partnership - to the panoply of vehicles through which business can be carried out in the Mauritius International Financial Centre. The introduction of the new Mauritius Limited Partnership makes available a recognisable and flexible vehicle to US and European private equity funds which use Mauritius as a portal to access the investment opportunities of the African and Asian markets. The availability of the Mauritius Limited Partnership thus consolidates Mauritius’ position as an international financial centre of choice.

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Recognition and Enforceability of Close-out Netting and Set-off Provisions under Mauritian Law

11 September 2022 by Moorari Gujadhur | Vithil Dabee

The Mauritian Parliament undertook an overhaul of the insolvency regime in 2009 by passing the Insolvency Act No. 3 of 2009 (the “Insolvency Act”). The model upon which the netting arrangements have been enacted under the Insolvency Act is based on the 2006 Model Netting Act by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

News & Analysis

Mauritius - Access The Africa Opportunity Through The Mauritius Portal

11 September 2021 by Moorari Gujadhur | Vithil Dabee

With a third of African countries growing at more than 6% annually, the continent is now home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, propelled by a growing middle-class, enhanced business environments and increasingly stable political democracies. Consequently, investors are attracted to the region’s high growth rates and to the tremendous opportunities offered by the nascent shift from commodities and agrarian-based economies to more consumer-driven economies.