The Ministry of Industry just issued Executive Decree 293/17, of 30 May 2017, enacting the Regulations on Industrial Permits Issue, Grant and Use (the “Regulations”). Among other issues, the statute addresses and establishes the licensing procedures to be followed in connection with Industrial License Permits required to perform an industrial activity. The Regulations, which are secondary legislation to the Industrial Activities Law (Law 5/04, of 7 September 2004) and the Industrial Licensing Regulations (Decree 44/05, of 6 July 2005), became effective on 30 May 2017.


The Regulations apply to the licensing of industrial plants initiated after its effective date and also to any renewals of already existing Permits expiring in the meantime.

The statute implements two Industrial License Permit application forms :

  • A form for a Temporary Industrial License Permit – for the installation of the plant. This Temporary Permit can only be used in dealings with financial institutions and to clear equipment and raw materials needed to start up the activity in customs, it does not authorize the performance of an industrial activity per se;
  • Another form for the Industrial License Permit proper – required for the performance of an industrial activity at a certain plant.

Permit Application

The application for an Industrial License Permit for the performance of the activity needs to be made on specific forms.

Following receipt of an application attaching the correct documents, an inspection is carried out. If the inspection’s outcome is satisfactory, an opinion is issued as well as a slip to pay any fees payable for the issue of the Permit. The Industrial License Permit is delivered to the applicant upon payment.