Bucharest, 8th of February 2016 – Mușat & Asociații assisted Mecaplast Group, one of the most important car components manufacturers in the world, for the purpose of expanding its business in Romania, by means of a „brownfield”-type investment.

The value of the project reaches approximately EUR 10 million and involves the inauguration of a plant in Romania, between Pitești and Mioveni, in 2017, destined to the manufacturing of car components for the new Duster. The investment in Romania involves all the industrial means necessary to develop new businesses, especially for engine parts and interior and exterior painted parts/elements.

“We are happy to assist Mecaplast during its expansion process which concerns the entry on the market in Romania. Mecaplast, European leader in the automotive industry, has ambitious expansion plans, which is proven also by the recent merger with another player in the field, which allows Mecaplast group to expand on key-markets of this industry, such as those in the USA or China, and to consolidate its client portfolio”, stated Monia Dobrescu, Partner, who coordinated the Mușat & Asociații team involved in this project.

The mandate of Mușat & Asociații law firm “included assistance to Mecaplast during the entire land acquisition process, starting with a complex due diligence process and continuing with the drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents, as well as providing legal assistance from signing to closing”, detailed Monia Dobrescu, Partner with Mușat & Asociații. The assistance provided by Mușat & Asociații covered a wide range of legal services, necessary for establishing the local presence of Mecaplast group in Romania, as well as advice on environment and fiscal matters. The project involved a complex team of attorneys and tax advisors, among whom Iulian Popescu (Partner), Răzvan Graure (Partner) and Alina Solschi (Senior Associate).

“Our experience in similar projects and the excellence of the services provided to our clients recommend us as first option for any company expanding its operations in our country and we wish that our team is involved in all subsequent stages of expansion, modernisation and implementation of Mecaplast’s manufacturing strategy in Romania, as the actual production should start, according to our client’s plans, in October 2017”, added Monia Dobrescu, Partner.

The investment of the Mecaplast group in Romania comes in the context of its global strategy agreed with Dacia, as well as of its strategy to reduce as much as possible the logistical costs and to be close to its clients, in the countries where they have production capacities.