Mattos Filho Veiga Filho Marrey Jr & Quiroga Advogados has set up shop in London. The firm's new office in London will focus exclusively on Brazilian law. Partner Rodrigo Ferreira Figueiredo will reside in London, along with one associate. The lawyers in London are experienced in corporate law and foreign investment but will work with lawyers in Brazil to assist clients on a variety of matters.

In an email exchange with IFLR1000, partners José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz and Rodrigo Ferreira Figueiredo jointly explained why the firm decided to open in London. “The London office is our footprint in Europe. We have a number of clients with headquarters in the region and also an important number of Brazilian clients with operations there.”

“From London we will be capable of developing a stronger and closer relationship with law firms and clients based there. The fact that London is a very relevant financial center and a hub for investments in Latin America is also a strong element in attracting us.”

In addition to the firm’s four offices in Brazil (two in Sao Paulo and one in Rio and Brasila), the firm also maintains a New York office. “Following the same model of our London office, our NY office focuses exclusively on Brazilian law. We have one resident partner, two associates, and one office manager. Although the office is relatively small, we have the full support of our lawyers in Brazil, who will work alongside with our colleagues in NY on matters across all our practice areas,” New York partner Amadeu Ribeiro explained.