Recognising the potential of Senegal’s agricultural industry, the African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank have funded a €31.4 million project to the Compagnie Agricole de Saint-Louis for rice production in Senegal.

GENI & KEBE advised Compagnie Agricole de Saint Louis on the legal aspects of the project. Dr Aboubacar Fall, Partner, and former Principal Legal Counsel for the African Development Bank, led the GENI KEBE team.

The project aims to promote food security in Senegal and to assist Senegal overcome its dependency on imported rice.

“Senegal has great potential to develop its agricultural sector, with perfect conditions in the Senegalese River Valley for producing rice,” explained Dr Fall. “GENI & KEBE was pleased to advise on this project, which will have positive economic and nutritional impact for people in Senegal and the region.”