In light of C. Samir & Co. LLC’s continuing expansion, we are more than pleased to inform you that our provision of premium services through our affiliated corporate services provider ConnectedSky will be prolonged throughout Asia.

Adding yet another continent to our jurisdictions, our fully fledged and fully licensed subsidiary namely ConnectedSky (HK) Limited will be offering all-round corporate, banking and legal services to its clients upon request.

Whilst targeting business owners and global entrepreneurs through its flexible company structure, fast incorporation process and minimal legal/capital requirements, Hong Kong stands out as a certain player among all other main first-class financial jurisdictions.

As such, ConnectedSky (HK) Limited, with its headquarters located on the prestigious Queen's Road Central in the heart of Hong Kong’s Commercial Business District, home to all main international companies and financial institutions, is looking forward to accommodate its clients while rigorously safeguarding the highest degree of professional standards.