As the global financial and corporate legal markets become ever more diverse and the skills required to see deals through to conclusion become ever more specific, the guides to those legal markets in turn must evolve to provide buyers of legal services with the tools they need to find the counsel they require.

In light of this we are pleased to introduce IFLR1000 DEAL DATA.


What deals are included in IFLR1000 DEAL DATA?

IFLR1000 DEAL DATA is a fully searchable database of significant deal records from over 120 countries. To ensure that we provide relevant information for our users, we have developed a set of criteria that deals must meet to be included in the database.

We have developed general guidelines for each broad practice area group, with the relevancy of all deals determined in part by the nature of the market, the parties involved and the wider economic climate in which the deal is taking place.

For more information please download our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

How can I find a specific deal type?

Our fully searchable database includes information on a vast range of financial and corporate legal transactions including data on a range of fields including the specific deal type, jurisdiction, industry sector, value and all the firms and lawyers verified as working on the deal in question along with the clients they advised, the roles of those clients and the type of legal advice they provided.

Within each deal record you will also find links to similar deals in the database, including matters in the same practice area or sector or those with the same jurisdictional scope.

This will allow buyers of legal services to undertake precise searches for deals that are similar in nature to the work they require and by doing so pinpoint firms and lawyers with relevant experience.

This information can then be benchmarked against the IFLR1000’s own law firm rankings and reviews to provide clear guidance as to which legal counsel should be engaged.

What information can I find on each deal record?

The IFLR1000 team provides key information on each deal including the main structural features, the parties’ involved and key takeaways including wider market context and innovative aspects.

This information allows buyers of legal services to clearly see why a deal has been selected for inclusion and what unique aspects or features it contains.

In addition we also include links to in-depth articles on, which provides further in-depth information on deal structure and wider regulatory and legislative context.

Do you include every financial and corporate deal in each market?

We include the most important deals in each market. For each country we have created a rough value threshold for inclusion.

Value, structure, innovation and market context are all taken into account when selecting deals.

For more information please view our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

How can I submit a deal?

Firms are encouraged to submit details of any relevant public financial and corporate transactions to the IFLR1000 team for consideration.

Firms can submit deals via the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM or by e-mailing the team.

For information as to which deals can be submitted, please view our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Relevant deal examples will also be used in conjunction with the existing annual research submissions to determine law firms and lawyer rankings.

Why is my firm not represented on a deal we worked on?

In some cases not all information on law firms roles is in the public domain. If you see a deal that you worked on but you are not represented please send details to us by e-mailing the team.