Arias is executing an ambitious strategy that strengthens its leadership in Central America, leveraging more than 80 years working with clients in the development of their businesses through a diverse and specialized team of more than 140 lawyers.

The firm will introduce new customer service initiatives at its offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.  Arias's goal is to continue serving its well-established client base with quality, passion, and certainty, and at the same time, enrich their experience by offering an approach that can always address two facets: national and regional.

This innovative strategy is accompanied by a new symbol: the Ceiba tree that represents perpetuity, greatness, goodness, and strength, added to the use of the ruby color of their branding, which is associated with stability and prosperity.

“The Ceiba tree is a symbol of strength and resilience, and it is inspired by a beautiful metaphor from my father, the firm's founder, who envisioned our team of professionals as a source of prosperity and good citizenship for the Central American community and throughout the world”, explained Dr. Armando Arias, Chairman of Arias.



With the objective of giving more value to the client, Arias accompanies the strategy with the strengthening of its organizational structure, for which, as of September, Dr. Armando Arias becomes the Chairman of the firm and Vicente Lines, partner of Arias in Costa Rica, assumes the role of Regional Managing Partner.

“Nothing pleases me more than having Vicente contribute his knowledge and professional skills to lead the entire firm on this project. Vicente has been with Arias since the beginning of our regional expansion more than 25 years ago, and he has my full confidence and the support of our team in this new role,” highlighted Dr. Arias.

Vicente Lines has vast experience serving entrepreneurs and companies throughout the Central American and global region as a lawyer in mergers, financing, and corporate advice. He accumulates industry experience in telecommunications, technology, and infrastructure projects.

His deep involvement with our regional team and the strength of his professional practice are based on his participation in countless projects and his interaction with clients that transcend those of his practice in Costa Rica and include experiences in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

“My commitment to our lawyers throughout the region is to make it easier for them to serve our clients and continue to improve our service standards. This year will be a milestone for us. Together with Dr. Armando Arias, we will work shoulder to shoulder, guided by the values and vision of our legal firm, which embraces its Central American roots to project our region before the global business community”, Lines assured.