Özbek Attorney Partnership


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Financial and corporate

Özbek Attorney Partnership is known for its M&A work and it is also recognised in the capital markets area.

During the research period the firm’s work in the M&A area included advice to acquirers on matters in the technology, gaming, financial services, oil and gas, consumer services, real estate and infrastructure sectors.  It also worked for sellers on deals in the food, financial services and consumer services industries.


Client feedback

"They provide practical, effective and business-friendly advice and solutions during the M&A work. They also work efficiently and meet even the tight deadlines." - M&A

"The firm has expertise in M&A, is good with client communication, and is flexible with pricing methods." - M&A

"They are very experienced with Turkish corporate law and required procedures. M&A transactions are very complicated in Turkey but due to their expertise we completed our transaction quickly." - M&A