Filip & Company


Equilibrium Building, 11th floor
2 Gara Herastrau, 2nd District
020334, Bucharest

+40 21 527 2000

+40 21 527 2001

Filip & Company is a business law company founded in the early days of the economic crisis. We have come together to form a company focused on quality. And quality is at least as well appreciated in times of crisis as it is in times of economic boom.

Filip & Company is a pool of individual values and talents. We pride ourselves on our diversity, creativity, and the varied experiences that influence our collective ability to serve our client. In fact, you will find out that the people at Filip & Company are varied in taste, interests, age and, most importantly, ideas. We work as a team and we know that every team needs players skilled at different positions. We are not a checklist, a cookie cutter kind of place, but we are united by our dedication to our clients and our professional development. We have always valued personal freedom and individuality, which are at the core of the firm’s management philosophy.