DL&F de Saram

Sri Lanka

No.47, C . W . W . Kannangara Mw
(Alexandra Place)
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka



D.L. & F. De Saram is one of the oldest law firms in Sri Lanka, founded in 1898 by Richard Francis De Saram, and carried on in partnership by his sons, Douglas and Fred De Saram. This tradition endured successively into the 20th century when Fred De Saram’s sons, Colonel F.C. De Saram, F.J. “Coo” De Saram, Robert De Saram and Maurice De Saram, and nephew, Clifford Trevor De Saram, guided the fortunes of the Firm. Interestingly, the tradition is sustained by the present partners, Michael Sproule, Dijen De Saram, grandsons of Fred De Saram, and Savantha De Saram and Prabash De Saram, his great-grandsons. The firm takes great pride in its rich heritage, and is one of the largest full-service law firms in Sri Lanka.