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Yigal Arnon & Co is a large Israeli firm involved in transactional work covered by the ranking tables but strongest in M&A and project finance. The firm has expertise in the high-tech industry and in finance work in the oil and gas sector.

In the banking and finance area the firm’s most significant work tends to be for lenders on project financings. Recently this has been most evident in the oil and gas sector where the firm secured some significant cross border work for international banks, but the firm has secured a few large acquisition finance deals on the lender side too. In the more standard lending space the firm does work for Israeli banks and corporates as borrowers and lenders. 

The firm’s capital markets team has been active on the debt side recently, generally securing a mix of buy and issuer side work on bond sales by Israeli companies on deals where the debt is listed in Tel Aviv and internationally.   

M&A is the area where the firm most frequently secures roles on large cross border deals; this is especially true of transactions in the technology sector.   

The firm has prominent restructuring and insolvency team that is appointed trustee or receiver in large insolvencies of Israeli businesses and does work for local and international creditors and large local debtors.  

Recent Deal Data highlights 

•Intel $15.3 billion acquisition of Mobileye 

•Leviathan project 

•Mexichem $1.5 billion acquisition of Netafim 

•Natural Gas Lines $330 million bond issue 

•Nvidia $6.9 billion acquisition of Mellanox Technologies 

•Orbotech $115 million takeover of Frontline 

•Stryker $220 million acquisition of OrthoSpace  

•United Therapeutics $141 million acquisition of SteadyMed 

Client feedback 

“Excellent legal and deal structure support.” – M&A 

Adrian Daniels 

“Good communication and rare to find issues with his work.” 

“Very good overall.” 

Daniel Marcovici  

“We have worked with Daniel Marcovici in this field and we recognize his deep knowledge of the subject and generally the laws of Israel.”  

David Osborne, Ezra Gross 

“For both (David & Ezra): very good atmosphere and expertise, helpful, good discussions.” 

Eliran Furman 

“Excellent lawyer. Very professional and efficient.” 

Nimrod Vromen 

“Highly professional. Business oriented, customer focused, one of the top in the country when it comes to Hi-Tech deals.” 

Orly Tsioni 

“Ms Tsioni and team have provided us through the years with first class legal services, have been extremely responsive, professional and thorough, covering all our legal requirements starting from small to very large and complex issues. We can’t think of weaknesses.” 

“Very responsive, thorough and professional.” 

Simon Weintraub 

“Simon headed the Yigal Arnon team for BioLine's debt financing in October 2018. He was knowledgeable about the field and the specific lender, always available (even when offices were nominally closed) and good at negotiation.” 


“Excellent lawyer with many years of experience. Reliable in terms of final outcome.”