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Löwenstrasse 11
8001 Zürich

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Managing partner: Dmytro Pichugin, Attorney at Law
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Quick facts:

Number of lawyers: 8
Languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian

Goldblum and Partners is an independent Swiss law firm. Situated in Zug, the heart of the European “tax heaven”, and in Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland, the firm is based in a strategic location for its client's convenience. An award-winning law firm, Goldblum and Partners keeps constantly updated on the regulatory framework in its practice areas and is known for its positive attitude toward new technologies and developments. The firm mostly focuses on medium-sized clients. The client-oriented approach is the core of Goldblum and Partners’ philosophy: the firm constantly strives to improve its exceptional performance and the level of service provided, relying on a feedback from clients.

Goldblum and Partners’ practice areas include Tax, Corporate/M&A, Banking and Finance, Fintech and IP. Attracted by the several benefits the Swiss legal system has to offer, many international clients rely on Goldblum and Partners’ expertise. The firm provides outstanding legal advice and day-to-day support for its clients: complex turn-key solutions are developed by a team of experienced lawyers to be successfully implemented in the clients’ best interest.

Providing tax advice and obtaining tax rulings from authorities, advising on M&A transactions, providing legal opinions on various issues in respect to Swiss law, obtaining authorizations for financial market activities, calculating cross-border risks - are some of the services Goldblum and Partners provides.

  • Banking & Finance
  • Financial Services Regulatory
  • Corporate/M&A
  • Tax
  • Intellectual Property

  • Financial Services
  • Industrials
  • International Trading
  • Investment Management
  • Media
  • Natural Resources
  • Oil and Gas
  • Tech and Telecoms

Baarerstrasse 25
6300 Zug