Carlos Roberto Siqueira Castro, a name partner of the Rio de Janeiro-based law firm Siqueira Castro, has received an appointment to represent the 750,000 members of the Federal Council of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) at the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association in Tokyo, which began on October 19 and runs through October 24.

The IBA Annual Conference held in Tokyo has been a magnificent event. Almost 7.000 lawyers from all over the world attended the Conference. The presence of the Emperor of Japan Hiroito and his wife Emperess Mashido in the Opening Cerimony had an enormous impact and this was really unique in Japan. Moreover the speech of Prime Minister Abe was highly appreciated by everybody.

Siqueira Castro said it is a great honor to represent the National Bar Association of Brazil and his colleagues.

“I am glad that I had the chance to contribute to the high standard discussions before the Bar Issue Commission in my capacity as member of this Commission,” he said. “I participated in a council meeting where I had the great opportunity to vote for my dear colleague and friend Horácio Bernardes Neto who was elected the new General Secretary of IBA. This is the first time in IBA history that a Brazilian lawyer takes office at the IBA Board.”

Siqueira Castro added that the IBA Tokyo Conference “certainly outlined the new driving, the new tendencies and the new landscapes for the legal profession and for the legal practicing as well and this challenging and changing world.”

Marcos Vinicius Furtado Coelho, current president of the OAB, conferred the role on Siqueria Castro, partly in recognition of his broad experience in constitutional, administrative, regulatory, international, and civil law as well as litigation, arbitration, public tenders, and government contracts. Siqueiro Castro is a Federal Board Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, the Brazilian Lawyers' Institute, the Brazilian Constitutional Law Institute, the Brazilian Association of Democratic Constitutionalists, the American Bar Association and the State of São Paulo Lawyers' Association. He has also served as sub-Attorney General of Brazil and former head prosecutor for the Office of the Regional Attorney General of Rio de Janeiro.