2 June 2017 LP announced its website launch lp.ru in a new brand. The firm has not only refreshed its style, but also revised the brand concept at the same time continue keeping its best features based on firm’s philosophy and reputation for all 17 years. We mean the highest professional services standards, innovative approach to solving clients issues, “client first” attitude in each project.

The latest brand updates were made in 2009. For the last 7 years, the firm has moved through many changes including new management team members and doing business model: LP has broaden the level of its expertise, launched several new practices. In 2015 LP’s team moved to a new office. After all these changes, rebranding became its logical continuation.

A green line is our key graphic element of a new brand, which consolidates the past and the future in its movement. In site’s infographics it creates new visual elements as icons representing each LP’s practice. This line starts its way from the moment the firm was established in 2000 and moves between major stages of firm’s development until now, symbolizing the new beginning.

"Rebranding means much more than typical logo and color update in our case. We decided to enhance LP brand to emphasize our uniqueness by new visual elements, and bring consistent brand visual concept through all digital platforms, gadgets and printed materials. We would like to show our clients and the market that we are developing, improving and keep abreast of all current trends. Every day LP Law Firm moves in tune with the time."

Andrey Novakovskiy
Managing Partner
LP Law Firm