All IFLR1000 research projects to be undertaken in 2021 are now open and accepting submissions.

The submission deadline for all research is: FEBRUARY 26, 2021

Submissions in 2021 will be used for the research for:

  • 31st edition of IFLR1000 international research
  • IFLR1000 regional rankings and domestic awards for Canada, China and the United States*
  • IFLR1000 India Awards
  • IFLR1000 Women Leaders

*Firms are only required to submit once to participate in the research for a jurisdiction's regional and national rankings and awards.


Participate in the research

Guidelines for all IFLR1000 research can be accessed through the link below. The guidelines provide a comprehensive explanation of IFLR1000's research methodology and criteria, in addition to the research timetable for 2021 and links to download the research form template and to upload completed forms and client referees.