**The submission deadline for all 2022 research has been extended**

Please contact the relevant regional editor if you require an extension. We will accomodate all extensions that do not interfere with the research schedule.

IFLR1000 undertakes qualitative research into financial, corporate and project-related transactional work undertaken by law firms and lawyers to inform the publication of annual rankings, awards, and editorial content. Currently IFLR1000 publishes more than 750 practice area law firm rankings and more than 20,000 lawyer ratings across more than 235 jurisdictions – national and regional – globally. You can view a complete list of all rankings we are actively researching on our practice area ranking categories by jurisdicition guide.

Submissions in 2022 will be used for the research for IFLR1000’s: 32nd edition of international research; regional rankings and domestic awards for Canada, China and the United States; the India Awards; and Women Leaders. Firms are only required to submit once to participate in the research for a jurisdiction's regional and national rankings and awards.

The basic information of how to participate in the research is outlined below. Please read the IFLR1000 research guidelines for a comprehensive explanation of our methodology and criteria.

If you have questions about the research, please contact the relevant regional contact:

If you would like to discuss how we can help promote your achievements, please contact Emily Kyriacou, Head of Business Development.


Participate in the research

There is no fee to participate in the research or to be ranked.

There are four steps to the submission process:

  1. DOWNLOAD RESEARCH FORM HERE and complete as fully as possible
  3. UPLOAD RESEARCH FORM(S) AND CLIENT REFEREES TO EUROMONEY ACCREDITATION PORTAL (one of each form for each practice area submission for a jurisdiction) 


Lawyer Survey 2022 open

The IFLR1000 Lawyer Survey is now open. Any lawyer working in areas of law relevant to our research may take the survey. IFLR1000 will consider all survey participants for its annual Leading Lawyer rankings published in August 2022. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey no later than May 13, 2022.


The Lawyer Survey forms part of our annual ranking research. Taking the survey is an opportunity to tell us about your practice and provide recent work highlights, which can help you to secure or maintain a Leading Lawyer rating. In the survey, you can also provide feedback on our rankings for your jurisdiction. Your feedback will be taken into consideration when we evaluate our law firm and lawyer rankings.


**New for 2022**

Euromoney Accreditation Portal

IFLR1000 and Euromoney (the business' parent company) have developed a new submission portal (Euromoney Accreditation Portal). We will be sending an announcement with further details in December 2021.

Benefits for participants

  • Ability to create an account
  • All submission data stored within firm accounts
  • Detailed submission alerts
  • Ability to submit referees on Excel
  • Single portal for all Euromoney legal brands (AsiaLaw, Benchmark Litigation, IP Stars, LMG Life Sciences, and World Tax) 

Excel work highlights template

For the 2022 research cycle, IFLR1000 has created an Excel format work highlights template (client referee details should also be submitted on this document - more information below). We encourage firms to submit deals on the Excel template so they are formatted in a way that they can easily be uploaded to IFLR1000 Deal Data. We are relaunching the database in this research cycle and have developed a semi-automated process for uploading content to expediate the process. The process relies on the data being in an Excel format and non-confidential deals submitted on the new template in 2022 will be uploaded within this cycle. Firms can continue to submit work highlights on the Word template if they prefer.

Excel client referee submissions

From 2022, firms can submit client referees on our client referee Excel template (which also has a tab for work highlights - see above). Completed forms must be submitted through the Euromoney Accreditation Portal. See '4. How to submit research forms and client referees' for more detail.

IFLR1000 taxonomy files

IFLR1000 has created taxonomy files for key sections of work highlights. Please reference and use the relevant item on these documents when completing the work highlights section on the forms (links to relevant files are hyperlinked); these are available as drop-down menus on the Excel work highlights form.


Research timetable

Below you will find the key research deadlines and publication dates for all IFLR1000 research to be published in the calendar year 2022.

  • Research interviews conducted: January – July 2022
  • Submission deadline: February 24, 2022 **EXTENDED**
  • Client Referee Feedback Survey: March – April 2022
  • Lawyer Survey: March – April 2022
  • Women Leaders 2022 published: Spring 2022
  • Banking and finance law firm rankings published: May 25, 2022
  • Capital markets; and Investment funds law firm rankings published: June 29, 2022
  • China Awards shortlists announced: July 2022
  • China regional firm rankings and Leading Lawyers: July 2022
  • Financial and corporate; and Project development law firm rankings published: July 27, 2022
  • Canada and United States Awards shortlists announced: August 2022
  • China Awards ceremony: August 2022
  • India Awards shortlists announced: August 2022
  • M&A; Private equity; and Restructuring and insolvency law firm rankings published: August 24, 2022
  • Leading Lawyers (all practice areas): August 24, 2022
  • Subscriber firm reviews and client feedback published: September 28, 2022
  • Canada and United States Awards ceremony: October 2022
  • India Awards ceremony: October, 2022
  • Non-subscriber firm reviews published: November 30, 2022



If your firm is interested in participating in the research, register your contact details through the link below to receive IFLR1000 research announcements and newsletters. Throughout the year we provide updates about the progress of our research, including essential information such as deadlines, research form templates and guidelines, and access to newly published research and editorial content.