No one knows more about the legal market than those professionals who work within it.

This is why we conduct an online survey of lawyers working in relevant areas as part of IFLR1000's annual research. The survey asks respondents to highlight the firms and lawyers they believe to be leaders in areas of transactional law we cover.

The survey also provides an opportunity for lawyers to give us feedback and suggestions on our coverage - law firm rankings, Leading Lawyers, and the areas we cover in each country.

All lawyers active in financial, corporate or project development work are invited to take part, and we also speak to a great number of practitioners through phone and face-to-face interviews throughout the research process.

Structure of survey

1-Select your country of residence

2-Basic information

3-Your practice - Your chance to highlight your three standout deals from January 2017 onward

2-Practice area feedback -

(i) Select a practice area

(ii) Name up to ten firms who you perceive to be leading firms in this practice area

(iii) Rank the ten selected law firms on the QUALITY of their work


The survey should only take five minutes to complete and all information provided is CONFIDENTIAL.

DEADLINE - July 16, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is aimed at private practice lawyers (of any position) active in the financial and corporate or project development areas. IFLR1000 rankings are based on transactional evidence and client feedback, the results of the Lawyer Survey are used merely to corrobate evidence gathered as part of the IFLR1000 annual research.