Dublin-based Beauchamps Solicitors has acquired Landwell Solicitors, the law firm supplying corporate law services to accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Ireland.
Three partners and five associates will move into Beauchamps' offices including Landwell founding partner Eddie Evans (pictured right). Beauchamps will now count on a team of 25 partners and 75 associates.

In statements to the press, Beauchamps' recently appointed managing partner John White (pictured left) said that the Landwell team's clients would follow them with the move, and anticipated that Beauchamp's revenue would jump 10% as a resut of the growth.

Speaking about the move, White, with a tone of defiance, also told the Irish Examiner: "Fear of business failure and actual business failure is at an all-time high. Legal advisors are entrepreneurs. We see the challenging environment as having opportunities to grow. It is necessary to be flexible, expansive and ambitious... I see the slowdown in the economy as an opportunity for innovation and expansion and for making sharper and more business driven decisions."