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SA’s maritime enforcement laws are a lifeline for shipping creditors

26 July 2021 by Bowman Gilfillan Inc

South Africa’s maritime enforcement laws can be a lifeline for shipping creditors left high and dry despite having an arbitration award against their debtors.

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South Africa: Avoid complacency in business rescue retrenchments

26 July 2021 by Rosalind Davey, partner; Chloë Loubser and Nikita Reddy, senior associates; Bowman Gilfillan Inc

Companies in business rescue have plenty of worries to preoccupy them but legal challenges over retrenchments are not usually at the top of the list.

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South Africa: Kenya data infrastructure

26 July 2021 by Angela Mukora; Rose Njeru; John Syekei; Bowman Gilfillan Inc

From data centres to new mobile and cable connectivity, data infrastructure is capturing the attention of investors, who can only benefit from greater insight into the regulatory ramifications of entering or operating in this sphere. This is the first of three articles to be published by our telecommunications team, giving a bird’s eye view of the data infrastructure sector across East Africa.

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South Africa: National interest is now a key driver for empowerment regulation across Africa

26 July 2021 by Lerato Thahane, Partner, Bowmans; Bowman Gilfillan Inc

While there are various drivers of local empowerment and ownership requirements in Sub-Saharan Africa, one key driver appears to be gaining ground: national interest empowerment.

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A tribute to our Chairman and Senior Partner, Robert Legh (1962 - 2021)

06 July 2021 by Bowman Gilfillan Inc

This week we tragically lost an integral member of the Bowmans family, a world class lawyer, and an equally outstanding person, our chairman and senior partner, Robert Legh.

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South Africa: Always-on culture is no excuse to bend annual leave rules

03 June 2021 by Melissa Cogger, senior associate; Leila de Saude, associate; Bowman Gilfillan Inc

Flexibility reigns in the COVID-19-era of remote working, driving trends such as semigration where professionals can escape the big city for the coast or countryside without taking a pay cut. However, with this inherent flexibility comes the assumption that, since an employee’s workplace is conveniently situated wherever they are, they are easily able to work outside of what would in the past have been considered as office or working hours. Welcome to the always-on culture.

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South Africa: How the move to online shopping could shake up retail employment

03 June 2021 by Bowman Gilfillan Inc

Motorcycle drivers delivering goods ranging from groceries to clothing have become ubiquitous on South Africa’s roads, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The question that arises is: are these drivers part of the wholesale and retail sector, or are they part of the road freight and logistics industry?

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South Africa: Kenyan regulators set their sights on free-and-easy fintech

03 June 2021 by Ariana Issaias, Of Counsel; Dominic Indokhomi, Partner, Bowmans, Kenya; Bowman Gilfillan Inc

The regulatory net is closing on Kenya’s fintech industry.

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South Africa: The ups and downs of private equity in post-pandemic 2021

03 June 2021 by Bowman Gilfillan Inc

While the COVID-19 pandemic slowed private equity (PE) deal-making and fundraising in Southern Africa in 2020, certain sectors within the industry still stand to benefit from the ongoing wave of portfolio and balance sheet restructurings.

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South Africa: How to make ‘magic’ with M&A technology

19 March 2021 by Bowman Gilfillan Inc - South Africa

When new technologies come along, people often use them to do the same things they have always done, just with some extra speed