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New EMEA project development and restructuring and insolvency rankings published

23 August 2020 by Ben Naylor

Third group of national rankings for thirtieth edition available

News & Analysis

Africa tax in brief

22 September 2016 by Celia Becker

Celia Becker of ENSafrica in Johannesburg discusses tax amendments across Africa

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Exchange procedures for investments in Mozambique by foreign entities

09 October 2015 by Pedro Couto, Célia Francisco and Erna Guetsa

Pedro Couto, Célia Francisco and Erna Guetsa of Couto Graça & Associados in Maputo look at issues surrounding exchange procedures

News & Analysis

Mozambique: Amendments to the Civil Code

09 August 2021 by VdA Vieira de Almeida

On August 9, 2021, the Decree-Law No. 2/2021 was published, introducing amendments to articles 377, 714, 875, and 1143 of the Civil Code.

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Mozambique: Amendment to the investment law regulation

22 July 2021 by HRA Advogados - Henriques Rocha & Associados

Decree no. 20/2021, of 13 April, was published, amending the Investment Law Regulation, approved by Decree no. 43/2009, of 21 August (previously revised by Decree no. 48/2013, of 13 September).

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Mozambique: Decree No. 20/2021, of 13 April - Amendments to the Investment Law Regulation approved by Decree No. 43/2009, of 21 August

13 April 2021 by VdA Vieira de Almeida

With the aim of adapting national and foreign investment processes (“Investment Projects”) to a new institutional framework of coordination and in the context of a policy to attract and facilitate those investments, Decree no. 20/2021, of 13 April (“Decree”), was approved, introducing amendments to the Investment Law Regulation.

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Couto Graça e Associados recognised as top national firm in Mozambique at major awards

23 September 2020 by IFLR Correspondent

Leading firm take the top prize as the best firm in Mozambique for their work on transactions and restructuring at inaugural IFLR Awards for Sub Saharan Africa

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New Regulations on the Licensing of Petroleum Facilities and Operations 

01 September 2020 by Vda Viera de Almedia, GDA Advogados

By means of Decree No. 84/2020, of 18 September, the Government of Mozambique has approved the new regulations on the licensing of petroleum facilities and operations.

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Mozambique VAT Code Amended

29 September 2017 by

BRIEFING, Maputo, 20 June, 2017

News & Analysis

2016 Mergers and Acquisitions Report: Mozambique

29 March 2016 by Miguel Spínola and Josina Correia

Miguel Spínola and Josina Correia of PLMJ assess the M&A regulatory framework in Mozambique