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News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Indonesia

01 March 2019 by Luky Walalangi, Miriam Andreta and Renansyah Jenie, Walalangi & Partners (in association with Nishimura & Asahi

The market in 2018-19 seems to be tuned more to private than public M&A.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Kuwait

01 March 2019 by John Cunha and Ezekiel Tuma, ASAR – Al Ruwayeh & Partners

he last twelve months have seen some consolidation activity in the financial sector of Kuwait.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Luxembourg

01 March 2019 by Marcus Peter, GSK Stockmann (Luxembourg)

2018 has once again shown a growing trend in M&A transactions with a view to Luxembourg-based target entities as well as acquisitions outside of Luxembourg that were started using a Luxembourg structure. Luxembourg-based targets are typically not the centre of high-profile M&A targets.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Mexico

01 March 2019 by Miguel Ishii Yokoyama and Alejandro Creel Ysita, Jáuregui y Del Valle

2018 was a year of uncertainty in Mexico due to the NAFTA renegotiation and the presidential elections. What we saw in 2018 was a number of transactions that involved the acquisition of real estate.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Panama

01 March 2019 by Eloy Alfaro B and Rita de la Guardia, Alemán Cordero Galindo & Lee

The environment for M&A transactions is favourable. The 12 months of 2018 proved to be an active year for the M&A market in Panama

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Portugal

01 March 2019 by Jorge Bleck and Maria da Cunha Matos, Vieira de Almeida

During 2018 and the first months of 2019, the M&A market in Portugal continued a consistent upward trend in what can be described as a "post-crisis period".

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Spain

01 March 2019 by Ignacio Balañá and Iñigo Zumalabe, Deloitte Legal

optimistic about the market's appetite for 2019.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Switzerland

01 March 2019 by Daniel Raun and Philippe Seiler, Bär & Karrer

The current environment in Switzerland continues to be very favourable for both public and private M&A transactions and this was reflected in the high M&A activity in 2018.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Taiwan

01 March 2019 by Yvonne Hsieh, Eddie Chan, Patricia Lin and James Huang, Lee and Li Attorneys-at-law

Continuing with the momentum at the end of 2017, 2018 was a fruitful year for the M&A market in Taiwan which featured prominent acquisitions in the energy sector and a strong comeback for private equity (PE) investors.

News & Analysis

2019 M&A Report: Thailand

01 March 2019 by Kudun Sukhumananda and Kom Vachiravarakarn, Kudun & Partners

The environment in Thailand for M&A transactions in 2018 was quite steady and did not experience many changes compared to 2017.

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