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Hong Kong: Delivery Platform Workers win Employee Status

08 August 2023 by LC Lawyers - Hong Kong SAR

The Labour Tribunal recently ruled in favor of 6 workers (“Couriers”) who worked for a food and parcel delivery platform company (“Company”). The Tribunal concluded that there was an employment relationship between the Company and the Couriers although the Company argued that they were self-employed.

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Hong Kong: HKD-RMB Dual Counter Model in Hong Kong’s stock market

17 July 2023 by LC Lawyers

The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)-Renminbi (RMB) Dual Counter Model was launched in the Hong Kong stock market on 19 June 2023. The first batch covers 24 companies which already have their shares listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and traded in HKD.

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Listing in Hong Kong of a World Bank catastrophe bond

24 April 2023 by LC Lawyers

Hong Kong has taken another step in developing the city as a leading international risk management center.

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Hong Kong: Corporate and Commercial Law - stay informed on recent legal developments across 37 jurisdictions

19 January 2023 by Rossana Chu, Fai Li; LC Lawyers

We are pleased to present the latest edition of EY Corporate and Commercial Law global update. The articles in this global update reflect the global reach and diversity of EY Law services, from corporate law to civil law and commercial law to regulatory aspects across 37 jurisdictions, covering Western Europe, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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Hong Kong: Expand mainland-HK financial markets connectivity

10 January 2023 by LC Lawyers

On 2 September 2022, at the Annual Forum of the China International Fair for Trade in Services, Dr. Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), indicated that the CSRC will work with Hong Kong’s relevant authorities to launch three new initiatives to expand the connectivity of the mainland and Hong Kong capital markets.

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Hong Kong Companies Registry’s new inspection regime and personal data protection (Phase 2)

09 January 2023 by LC Lawyers

In our previous article , we introduced the three phases of the new inspection regime under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong. Phase 1 was implemented on 23 August 2021. In this article, we will discuss Phase 2 which will come into effect on 24 October 2022.

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Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part I)

06 December 2022 by LC Lawyers

Demand for philanthropy planning has surged in recent years, especially since the pandemic’s harsh impact on society and livelihoods, with many enterprises, social organisations, religious groups and benevolent individuals seeking efficient, powerful, targeted ways to help socially vulnerable groups.

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Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part II)

06 December 2022 by LC Lawyers

Setting up a charity in Hong Kong may sound an attractive proposition, but they are subject to more, not less, compliance requirements than ordinary companies.

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Establishing a charity in Hong Kong (Part III)

06 December 2022 by LC Lawyers

In the first two chapters of this series, the author covered the basic requirements for establishing a charity in Hong Kong, as well as the obligations in corporate governance. This final chapter explores tax exemptions and other practical perspectives in the hope of providing some food for thought to prospective philanthropists with an intention to run a charity.

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Should Hong Kong businesses be resetting their integrity agenda?

26 July 2022 by LC Lawyers

COVID-19 disrupted businesses globally and impacted the way they operate, with knock on effects on employees, counterparties and customers. Amid the turmoil, new opportunities and challenges emerged, some posing difficult ethical dilemmas affecting future viability and success of businesses. These factors created a perfect storm for misconduct. Two plus years on, we are starting to see its impact on businesses and their personnel.