Welcome to the first edition of IFLR1000 Firms to Watch


Firms to Watch, a spin-off supplement produced by the IFLR1000 designed to highlight firms which have recently been developing in interesting ways, is now available to read online.  

From a pool of thousands of firms researched by the IFLR1000 team in 2017, less than 45 were selected to appear in Firms to Watch. 

Those firms which feature in the supplement were chosen for successfully breaking into new markets or generally expanding astutely in footprint or headcount (or a combination of both), for gaining in market share of interesting transactional work, and for adopting new and innovative client services and internal programmes.

Firms in the supplement vary from one-office domestic boutiques to some of the largest international firms in the world and groups of regional firms linked through a centralised network.

The appearance of some firms in the supplement may seem surprising given these are already household names (in legal circles at least). Some international firms were included on the basis of developments at the firm as a whole, others in relation to specific markets where they have recently grown in prominence.

What all firms appearing in Firms to Watch 2018 share is ambition, and a strategy to develop which has proven successful in the short-term and bodes well for the near future.