Tertychny Agabalyan



Practice area

IFLR1000 Reviews

Financial and corporate

Tertychny Agabalyan is mostly known for M&A work in the Russian market. Within that space it has been most active in the real estate sector during the research period.

Recent clients have included Inline Technologies and Seatrek Trans.

Client feedback

“Quite a small legal firm with highly professional lawyers who have a great business understanding. They are attentive to details and provide the best value for money ratio.” – Banking

“The firm has been extremely helpful and innovative in facilitating a complicated real estate acquisition in Russia.” – M&A, Project development

“Very qualified and experienced corporate legal advisory for English and Russian law.” – M&A, Restructuring and insolvency

“The firm provides great value for the money. They show very good knowledge of law and at the same time are business oriented. Attention to details is also their advantage. This firm is very good for projects in Russia” – M&A, Project development, Restructuring and insolvency

Marat Agabalyan

“Professional and diligent.”


“The work of Marat is in compliance with the highest international standards. It is true both in terms of quality and ethical standards.”

Ivan Tertychny

“Pro-active, detail-orientated, client-orientated, approachable.”

“Experienced and responsive lawyer with excellent knowledge of English and Russian corporate law.”

“Very professional, experienced, diligent and prompt.” – M&A