TA Legal Consulting


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Financial and corporate

TA Legal Consulting, formerly Tertychny Agabalyan, is active in corporate and M&A transactional work. 

During the research period the firm had several regulatory support roles. It also advised investors in a gold mining project and advised on the legal structuring of ownership rights to land plots.

Client feedback

"I appreciate the work that the firm did. They studied the issues thoroughly and timely." – Banking

"Pleased with the work quality of the firm. They provided us with prompt legal aid on various topics. The lawyers are very open-minded and client oriented." – M&A

"Everything we wanted was made and reached in fixed terms." – Project development

"Highly professional and attentive to all details." – Project development

"Liked the work that the firm did for us." – Project development

"Pleased with the firm's work. All their legal work was well accomplished and the team always observed timeframes set." – Project development

"The firm showed a very good level of corporate law." – Project development

"Content with the results of our cooperation. The team worked as true professionals and within the set time frames." – Restructuring and insolvency