Dimitriou Soutsou 28
Athens, 11521

+30 210 817 1500

+30 210 685 6657-8

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Partner: John Kyriakides
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KYRIAKIDES GEORGOPOULOS (KG) Law Firm is a leading Greek multi-tier business law firm, dating back to 1930’s, which provides legal services to high profile national and international clients and is involved in complex and innovative cross-border deals 

Over 90 highly skilled lawyers ensure that clients receive top-notch legal advice, recurring to novel ways of thinking, even in the most challenging legal situations.
KG is affiliated with other high-ranking law firms in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. It’s also a founding member of the South East Europe Legal Group (SEE Legal), a regional alliance of major law firms from 12 countries in SE Europe.